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Scratch One 8th CD Candidate Off My List


With this announcement (see image to the right; click to embiggen), I can now cross one 8th CD Democratic candidate (Bruce Shuttleworth) off my list for possible consideration. Why? Try a few of these on for size.

*Dennis Kucinich is a 9/11 “truther, which is about as insane and extreme as you can get in this country. See this video where Kucinich asks the audience, “how many of you believe the whole story about 9/11 has not been told? See, this is something that has to be taken seriously…” WTF?And here’s crazy Kucinich yet again feeding this lunacy: “Do we see a pattern here? 9/11? Katrina? They knew something was going to happen and they didn’t act.” As if all that’s not bad enough, Kucinich also was the ONLY member of Congress to “vote against a symbolic resolution to recognize September 11 as a day of remembrance, extend sympathies to those who lost their lives and their families and honor emergency workers and the U.S. armed forces.” That’s just totally FUBAR — unpatriotic and appalling, among other adjective I could come up with. At the minimum, Kucinich owes the 9/11 families, and the country, an apology for his disgusting behavior. But of course he won’t, because he’s a conspiracy theory nutjob.

*Want more Kucinich nuttiness? How about his fawning praise for Venezuela’s (now deceased) left-wing dictator Hugo Chavez? Back in 2004, Kucinich wrote: “I congratulate President Hugo Chavez on his decisive victory. President Chavez’s victory is a victory for the people of Venezuela and for the democratic process. Today’s results demonstrate the people of Venezuela’s confidence in President Chavez and his presidency. I will work to ensure that this Administration recognizes that the people of Venezuela have spoken, and that the United States government now must show its support for the people of Venezuela and President Chavez.” Kucinich added in a letter to his pal Chavez:

The world knows that you are achieving something remarkable in Venezuela: you are investing your country’s vast oil wealth in ways that benefit everyone, not just small minority of well-connected elites. Over the last year your government’s literacy campaign taught one million Venezuelans to read. And today, millions of others are benefiting from the governments investment in job training, small businesses and health care.


We are committed to doing what we can, as U.S. citizens, to heal those relationships and encourage Congress and the White House to see Venezuela not only as a model democracy but also as a model of how a country’s oil wealth can be used to benefit all of its people.

Hahahahahaha. Seriously?!? A “model democracy?” I mean, it is simply beyond words how f’ed up this is. I don’t even know where to start…

*Oh, and Kucinich also apologized for then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s indendiary anti-Israel rhetoric “by insisting that Iran’s anti-Zionist leader is not seeking to exterminate Israel.” Even worse, Kucinich “and Texas Republican Ron Paul — also a presidential aspirant — were the only House members to vote against a June 20 resolution condemning the Iranian leader and asking the U.N. Security Council to take up charges alleging violations of genocide conventions.”

*Along the same theme of Kucinich loving human-rights-abusing, America-hating dictators, how about this screed, in which he manages to call into question whether Syrian dictator Bashar al-Asad used chemical weapons against his own people (answer: he did!!!). Kucinich also calls into question the deaths of 1,429 people in that chemical weapons attack, which is again appalling beyond words. All of which is why I’m not at all surprised that this pathological liar/lunatic also…

*…works for Faux “News.” That’s right, see Dennis Kucinich Cashes In With Fox News. Wonderful.

Anyway, given my intense aversion to Dennis Kucinich, obviously I’m not going to support anyone who brags about getting his endorsement. So, sorry Bruce Shuttleworth, you’re a nice guy but if Dennis Kucinich is the type of person you are proud to associate with, we are simply worlds apart politically.


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