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Supporting the Individual Mandate: A Bipartisan Stance?


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RICHMOND, VA – This week, Ed Gillespie’s campaign sent out a fundraising email stating that he was “a vocal opponent” of the Affordable Care Act “sounding the alarm about its mandates” even before it came into law. Yet in his memoir published in 2006, he recommended gaining compliance for the mandate through the U.S. tax code. He then went on CSPAN to reiterate that point. Ultimately, he was paid $300,000 to be the spokesman for a coalition that made the individual mandate the centerpiece of its health reform plan.

This made us wonder, who else supported the individual mandate during the debate about health reform?

We put together a new video to help jog Ed’s memory.

“As a career partisan and Washington lobbyist, Ed may be comfortable abandoning his previous positions, but he’s going have a hard time explaining his hypocrisy on the individual mandate to Virginians,” said DPVA spokeswoman Ashley Bauman. “Gillespie cannot dodge questions about his purported beliefs forever.”

Watch here:

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