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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning (St. Patrick’s Day Snowstorm Edition)


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise (e.g., meteorological), for Monday, March 17. Happy snowy St. Patrick’s Day!

*Crimeans vote to leave Ukraine, join Russia (Well, that’s a shocker huh?)

*Crimea parliament declares independence (Another non-shocker.)

*Malaysia asks for satellite data from 22 nations (“U.S. officials express frustration that Malaysia had not asked for more help from the FBI in investigating the jet’s disappearance.”)

*The politics of hopelessness (“Obama and his party are in danger of allowing the Republicans to set the terms of the 2014 elections, just as they did four years ago…The hope-and-change guy needs to have one more act in him.”)

*Krugman: That Old-Time Whistle (“Just to be clear, there’s no evidence that Mr. Ryan is personally a racist, and his dog-whistle may not even have been deliberate. But it doesn’t matter. He said what he said because that’s the kind of thing conservatives say to each other all the time. And why do they say such things? Because American conservatism is still, after all these years, largely driven by claims that liberals are taking away your hard-earned money and giving it to Those People.”)

*Pelosi Will Not Apologize To Cantor For Calling Republicans Mean (Why should she, it’s 100% true. Also add “crazy” and “extremist.”)

*Obama-bashing, government-shrinking the themes at 10th District GOP debate (Bunch of Obama Derangement Syndrome, right-wing wackos.)

*Science, data and weather trends (“Nobody has time to argue – and argue again – over settled questions about whether warming is occurring at all.” Nope, it’s long past time for big-time ACTION on this, not delay and denial.)

*Once a rarity, heroin overdoses soar in South Hampton Roads

*Can a Republican win in Arlington? (“None of the candidates or political organizations have conducted polling on the race.” Patricia Sullivan’s dead wrong about this; I was told by several good sources that there WAS a poll done, which showed a pretty nice lead for Howze but under 50% – so he most definitely could lose to big-time Republican donor Vihstadt.)

*Virginia wins ACC tournament: Cavs are conference champs for first time since 1976

*D.C. area forecast: Snow gradually diminishes today, after overnight blitz (UPDATES); temps moderate late week

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