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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, March 29. Also, check out this week’s address from the White House, with Joe Biden filling in for President Obama and explaining why raising the minimum wage is the right thing to do for hardworking Americans.

*Putin Calls Obama to Discuss Ukraine, White House Says (” President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia reached out to President Obama on Friday to discuss ideas about how to peacefully resolve the international standoff over Ukraine, a surprise move by Moscow to pull back from the brink of an escalated confrontation that has put Europe and much of the world on edge.”)

*Everything You Need To Know About The White House’s New Plan To Cut Back On A Powerful Greenhouse Gas

*FiveThirtyEight Apologizes On Behalf Of Controversial Climate Science Writer (Just fire this freakazoid!)

*Dick Cheney On Torture: ‘If I Would Have To Do It All Over Again, I Would’ (The guy’s a psycopath.)

*Young Americans’ Affinity for Democratic Party Has Grown

*Could Non-partisan Redistricting Reduce Political Gridlock?

*Virginia jobless rate falls below 5%

*Warner, in Roanoke, pushes early Pell Grants for high school students

*Calls for accountability follow release of Deeds report

*Lawmakers stick to budget rhetoric (“The rhetorical soap opera over Medicaid expansion went into reruns Friday with Virginia lawmakers and stakeholders reaffirming entrenched positions that have delayed passing a new state budget.”)

*McAuliffe uses Roanoke Valley visit to push more Medicaid

*Backers of Virginia same-sex marriage ban file appeal

*Sen. Warner wants answers on Navy shooting

*Real risks to Virginia coast (“Virginia leaders have pushed hard to open territory off Virginia Beach to drilling for oil and gas. But evidence aruges that the risk to Navy operations, tourism and fisheries is real.”)

****skins foundation CEO connected to ‘defective’ contract (File under “totally not surprising.”)

*Sweet 16 turns sour for No. 1 seed Virginia in battle with Michigan State

*A soggy weekend, but some springlike days are right around the corner


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