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DPVA: The Republican Party of Virginia is the “Party of Intolerance”


The following press release is from the Democratic Party of Virginia…and it's so true. The question is, who are the 40-whatever percent of Virginians who keep voting for this intolerance, and why the hell do they keep doing it?!?

RICHMOND –Earlier this week Delegate Tag Greason was the latest Virginia Republican to make insensitive and out of touch comments when he told a constituent she was "intellectually lazy" after she urged him to close the coverage gap for 400,000 uninsured Virginians.

This comes just weeks after Senator Steve Martin referred to mothers as "hosts" and Senator Frank Ruff likened closing the coverage gap to a "tar baby." 

Instead of condemning this divisive and offensive rhetoric as unacceptable, the Republican Party of Virginia has shown that they have no plans to move beyond the GOP of yesterday, as they announced that conservative blogger Shaun Kenney has been tapped to be their new Executive Director.

The same Shaun Kenney who defined 'tolerance' in reference to a homophobic rant by Duck Dynasty's Pat Robertson. The same Shaun Kenney who agreed with Red State's Erik Erikson that Democrats were the party of the Klan, and the list could go on.

In a press release, The Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins touted Shaun's experience, claiming "Shaun's resume checks all the boxes our party needs at this time." 

"These displays of extreme and divisive rhetoric have no place in any political party or any conversation around the Commonwealth," said DPVA Spokesperson Ashley Bauman. "This is a clear indication that the Virginia Republican Party has no interest in turning away from its members' discriminatory comments and will continue to push itself even further out of the mainstream." 

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