Barbara Kanninen Wins Dem Nomination for Arlington County School Board by 18 Votes


    I just got back from Washington-Lee High School, and video will be coming shortly, but here are the results of yet another extremely close Arlington County School Board Democratic nomination election. As Arlington County Democratic Committee chair Kip Malinosky said, we had three excellent candidates for School Board. Congratulations to Barbara Kanninen on her victory tonight (and onward to victory in the general election in November!), and let’s hope the other two super-talented candidates stay involved in the Arlington County schools.

    Total: 3,723 votes cast (note: Instant Runoff Voting was used in this election, which is why vote totals differ in Rounds #1 and #2 and votes were reallocated based on people’s ranked preferences)

    Round 1:

    Barbara Kanninen (1,549 votes)

    Nancy Van Doren (1,329 votes)

    Greg Greeley (839 votes)

    Round 2:

    Barbara Kanninen (1,812 votes)

    Nancy Van Doren (1,794 votes)

    UPDATE: Here are the cross-tabs courtesy of head teller Peter Owen.

    Kanninen (only) 191, Kanninen/Van Doren 794, Kanninen/Greeley 564, Van Doren (only) 200, Van Doren/Greeley 583, Van Doren/Kanninen 546, Greeley (only) 111, Greeley/Van Doren 465, Greeley/Kanninen 263; no vote 2, disputed 4. Total votes received: 3723.


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