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Video: Arlington County Board Chair on Slashing the Cost of the “Million-Dollar Bus Stops”


At tonight’s Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) meeting, County Board Chair Jay Fisette made some key points about the much-criticized “million-dollar bus stops” (aka, “Super Stops”) which I wish the Board had been making for months now (but better late than never?).

*These are not simple bus stops, but “transit stations” that have MUCH higher passenger throughput (250-1,000 people per stop per day) and features (e.g., real-time information signs, electrical wiring).

*The higher capacity is needed because the corridor they will be serving is “the most heavily trafficked bus route in Virginia.”

*Similar transit stations in other cities are comparable in price to/MORE expensive than the “Super Stops” in Arlington (e.g., $757,000 per station in Charlotte, NC; $762,000 per station in Hampton Roads; $469,000 per station in Arlington).

In short, once you actually look at the facts, the Super Stops not only don’t look like some sort of boondoggle that the Fox News crowd loves to lambaste; they actually look like a bargain! Anyway, I’m glad that Jay Fisette set the record straight tonight, I just wish he had done so a long time ago…

P.S. Another one of Republican John Vihstadt’s fallacious, demagogic talking points bites the dust. LOL 😉


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