Video: Eric Cantor Gets an Earful from 100 Immigration Advocates in Chevy Chase, MD


    According to Bethesda Now (sister publication of ArlNow):

    A big-name Republican fundraiser at a home in Chevy Chase on Wednesday brought out about 100 protestors organized by a local Latino and immigrant organization.

    Susan Neely, president of the American Beverage Association (the soft drink industry lobby) hosted the event at her home on Curtis Street to raise money for the campaign of New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez. CASA de Maryland showed up with a group banging pots and pans that temporarily blocked the road.

    The group’s target wasn’t Martinez – though it made it clear it’s not a big fan of her. CASA instead distributed signs with the face of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a special guest at the fundraiser and the man who advocates have blamed for stalling immigration reform in the House.

    Can’tor richly deserves to be picketed and protested, as he and his party of xenophobes is overwhelmingly responsible for the lack of comprehensive immigration reform in this country. As usual with Can’tor, it’s a “shanda” (Yiddish for disgrace).

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