John Fredericks: “The coronation of Ed Gillespie…is not happening” [UPDATE: Actually, it is!]


    I just tuned in to the John Fredericks Show, which is broadcasting live from the 2014 Virginia Republican convention. I just heard Fredericks talk about the low turnout of delegates (around 2,600, and a lot of those with yellow t-shirts representing Shak Hill), and how this means that “the coronation of Ed Gillespie at this convention is not happening.” Fredericks added that Mark Warner will be REALLY happy if Shak Hill is the nominee later this afternoon.

    P.S. Here’s a photo of Ed Gillespie courting bigoted, extremist nutjob E.W. Jackson. That really says it all.

    UPDATE 2:33 pm: @jameshohmann tweets, “VA-4 (represented by Forbes) returns: Hill, 367; Gillespie, 957.”  @Rick_Sincere tweets, “First District Hill 491.98 Gillespie 826.08.” @Rick_Sincere tweets, “10th District Hill 322.03 Gillespie 372.83” ‏@Rick_Sincere tweets, “8th District Hill 40.63 Gillespie 287.33.” 6th CD: Hill 551.46 Gillespie 644.70. Looking like Gillespie has this thing.

    UPDATE 2:08 pm: ‏@MSchmidtRTD tweets, “First results from 3rd district: Gillespie 309, Hill 165, DeTora 0, Moss 0.”

    UPDATE 1:56 pm: According to Lynn R. Mitchell, who is live blogging the convention, the total number of delegates around noon was 2,657, with 32 delegates having showed up out of 56 from Augusta County; 6 out of 12 from Staunton City; 367 out of 691 from Fairfax County; and 9 of 14 from Waynesboro. @RTDSchapiro tweets, “And the balloting for GOP Senate nominee begins — about 2,600 delegates voting. Light turnout at #rpv14 could make for close finish.”

    UPDATE 1:51 pm: Voting going on now; John Fredericks says again that what should have been a “coronation” has turned into a “dog fight,” as Gillespie’s supporters didn’t turn out in the numbers he had hoped. That means that just 2,600 people will determine the Virginia GOP’s U.S. Senate nominee. #FAIL

    UPDATE 1:20 pm: Gillespie now pouring on the litany of Republican Big Lies, such as that President Obama raised taxes (in fact, he cut them repeatedly for the middle class); that sticking with filthy/dirty/climate-destroying coal is the right course of action, you name it. For reality-based people, it’s almost un-listenable, especially coming from a complete phony like Gillespie. John Fredericks says the speech was “ok,” that his son would probably call it “lame and boring,” that Gillespie isn’t a good speaker and didn’t gain anything from the speech.

    UPDATE 12:53 pm: John Fredericks is saying Shak Hill really helped himself with his speech. The Bull Elephant reports: “Wild reception for E.W. Jackson! Extended cheers and applause greets him as he takes the stage for Shak…E.W. Jackson calls the situation a “national emergency” requiring the nomination of Shak Hill. Hints strongly at Gillespie being a “crony capitalist.” Mixed reaction when Shak takes the stage…wow. Some booing. Not cool.” Also, Shak Hill says: “‘How are we better off being governed by fundraisers?’ Says he is the only candidate in this race who can defeat Mark Warner, because Warner doesn’t know how to run against him.”

    UPDATE 12:23 pm: @MSchmidtRTD tweets, “Neither Jim Gilmore, nor Ken Cuccinelli endorsed a candidate before voting begins.” “Candidates are about to speak, in order they appear on ballot. Chuck Moss is first.”

    UPDATE 11:48 am: According to The Bull Elephant, “Cuccinelli greeted with wild, raucous applause! Ken is still beloved by this crowd.” Also: “Panic time among some Gillespie supporters. I haven’t heard directly from those close to Ed, but among many of my fellow members of the State Central Committee who are Ed supporters, the realization of potential defeat is finally dawning.” Also: “We’re hearing reports of Gillespie buses showing up from NoVa with only a small portion of the seats filled (and a number of those passengers making a beeline to volunteers handing out Shak Hill stickers). It’s looking pretty good for Shak Hill.”


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