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VA House Speaker Has Capitol Police Break Into Governor’s Secure Office Suite?!?


We already knew that Virginia House Speaker was an ALEC tool who likes to bully/demean women and deny health care coverage to hundreds of thousands of Virginians (while sending $5 million a day of our taxpayer money out of state). So yeah, the guy’s pretty much heinous any way you look at him.  But even given al lthat, I didn’t really expect him to do something like this!

At the urging of House Speaker William J. Howell, the clerk’s office of the House of Delegates enlisted the help of the Capitol Police to enter Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s unoccupied, secure suite of offices on a Sunday afternoon to deliver the state budget.

The highly unusual entry on June 15 took place without the permission of administration officials or the knowledge of the Virginia State Police, which is in charge of protecting the governor. McAuliffe was not in the building.

Right, WTF? Does this sound like something out of Richard Nixon/Watergate break-ins or what?!? Amazing.

In response, McAuliffe Chief of Staff Paul Reagan wrote:

What occurred here Sunday is unacceptable…Two employees of the speaker of the House of Delegates were given access to an area of the governor’s office where sensitive files and materials are kept…For good reason, it is an area that is surrounded by three security perimeters. Even on a normal business day, very few people – including members of the governor’s Cabinet – can gain access to this suite of offices. We certainly do not expect to have agents and employees of the General Assembly roaming through these offices on weekends.

So now what? Criminal investigation into the actions of Speaker Howell and others who instigated this? If not, why not?

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