Video: Sen. Donald McEachin Gives Superb Speech on His Fight with Cancer and for Medicaid Expansion


    This past Thursday, Virginia Republicans continued to wage their bizarre, relentless, and unfortunately effective (at least so far) war aimed at denying health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of Virginians while sending millions of dollars a day of our hard-earned tax dollars to other states. Other than Obama Derangement Syndrome and a deathly fear of being primaries by someone even MORE extreme than they are, this obviously makes no sense. But clearly, Virginia Republicans – as opposed to Republicans in many other states, who have moved to expand Medicaid where they live – are not open to reason, or even to heart-rending, passionate, emotional arguments by one of their most respected Democratic colleagues, Sen. Donald McEachin, who here recounts his battle with rectal cancer, and how that demonstrates the absolutely critical, life-or-death importance for people to have access to high-quality, affordable health care.

    What’s perhaps most maddening is the breathtaking hypocrisy of Republicans with state-funded healthcare coverage for themselves and their families voting to deny coverage to hundreds of thousands of their fellow Virginians, including many in their own districts. Apparently, these people care a LOT more about their political futures than about their fellow Virginians, let alone morality, compassion, what Jesus preached, etc.

    Anyway, thank you to Donald McEachin for speaking out for those without voices in the corridors of power, and for courageously sharing his own personal, painful story. Shame on Republicans for not listening to him and instead for hardening their hearts, closing their minds, and voting their own narrow political interests.  

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