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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, July 26. Also see President Obama’s weekly address, in which he “continued his call for our nation to rally around an economic patriotism that says rather than protecting wasteful tax loopholes for a few at the top, we should be investing in things like education and job training that grow the economy for everybody.”

*Pause in Gaza fighting begins as promised

*Russia and Ukraine trade charges of border shelling

*Putin Isolated as EU Prepares Tougher Sanctions on Russia

*Why the Border Crisis Is a Myth (“…the myth of a ‘crisis’ is being used by politicians to justify ever-tighter restrictions on immigration, play to anti-immigrant voters in the fall elections and ignore the reasons so many children are coming here in the first place.”)

*Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Plan Would Cost Billions to Implement. Will GOPers Go for That?

*Benny Johnson and Buzzfeed’s Achilles heel (“In the eyes of many journalists, BuzzFeed is constantly walking a fine line between aggregation, or ‘curation,’ and theft.”)

*Meet The Congressman Who Assumed Two Senior U.S. Officials Were Foreigners (Of course he’s a Republican…what else?)

*Book review: “I Heard My Country Calling,” by James Webb (Interesting, definitely not a positive review…)

*Sen. Kaine, Loudoun-based firms advocate for Ex-Im Bank (Funding the Ex-Im Bank is a no brainer. Which is probably why Teapublicans oppose it.)

*Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, Wife Set for Corruption Trial (“Couple Is Accused of Accepting Gifts in Exchange for Promoting a Friend’s Company”)

*Saslaw says 40 percent of rural hospitals will close in states that don’t expand Medicaid (Still: “40 percent of rural hospitals are running in the red and those located in states that don’t broaden Medicaid eligibility may see their problems exacerbated.”)

*Warner and Gillespie to face off in first debate (“The Democratic senator and his GOP rival will square off for 90 minutes at the Greenbrier resort on Saturday.”)

*Virginia keeping drug used in botched executions

*McAuliffe says it’s a blessing more didn’t die in tornado

*McDonnell defense subpoenas

*Rigell seeks funds to promote girls’ science education

*Loudoun will pay Delgaudio’s legal fees in recall case

*‘It’s a great piece of American history’ (“While restoring U-Va.’s iconic Rotunda, workers discovered remnants of its Jeffersonian past.”)

*Roark earns 10th win, Span collects 4 hits as Nats rough up Reds, 4-1

*Isolated storm risk today; increased threat of severe weather Sunday


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