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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines,  political and otherwise, for Monday, August 25. Also, check out that video, because it provides a crystal clear indication regarding one of the top 2 or 3 themes Jim Webb would run for president on — “economic fairness and social justice,” a phrase he repeats several times.

*The certainty of climate change (“Action, too, is inevitable. It should be smart – and prompt.” Immediately — at federal, state and local levels.)

*Obamacare has growing support, even if its name does not (“As one Democratic pollster told me, his focus groups showed that when voters outside the Republican base are given details about what the law does and how it works, ‘people come around and say, ‘That’s not so bad, what’s everybody excited about?””)

*In latest bloody victory, ISIS seizes key air base in Syria

*US Journalist Held in Syria Freed (Finally, a bit of good news for a change.)

*More Audio Surfaces From Dan Page, the St. Louis County Police Officer Suspended After Racist Remarks (Clearly, people like this should not be cops.)

*Beyond Ferguson: 5 glaring signs that we’re not living in a post-racial society (“Privileged pundits love to insist that race is no longer a factor in American life. The numbers say they’re wrong”)

*Krugman: Wrong Way Nation (“So Rick Perry doesn’t know the secrets of job creation, or even of regional growth. It would be great to see the real key – affordable housing – become a national issue.”)

*Anti-Clinton past echoes

for Virginia Republican
(“GOP congressional hopeful Barbara Comstock touts her bulldog aggression in a state where Clinton-bashing is no longer a surefire way to rally voters.”)

*Bob McDonnell courts jurors with narrative of a micromanager blindsided by his wife

*Judge in McDonnell case presides with humor and impatience

*With gay marriage on hold, same-sex couples remain hopeful

*VDOT hopes photographic study will reduce interstate wildlife collisions (“People and animals are getting killed and maimed in highway collisions, and Virginia is looking for ways to reduce the carnage.”)

*McDonnell’s broken covenant worse than loans (Not sure about that, but he’s an extreme hypocrite, that’s for sure.)

*McAuliffe to visit area to tout conservation program

*Nationals flex muscle, beat Giants

*A stellar start to the work week (“Mostly sunny skies, comfortable temperatures and low humidity will last a few days.”)


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