50 state strategy for the Equal Rights Amendment


    Progressive Democrats of America called this week. They are pushing a 3 state-strategy for getting the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)approved. Currently there are 35 states that have ratified, but 3 remain to enshrine the ERA into the constitution.  This of course assumes that the conservative supreme court will not rule that the statute of limitations has not run out.

    Wouldn’t a 50-state strategy be more helpful?

    Democrats can run in all 50 states for women’s rights.  Every legislature would bring the ERA for ratification and every rep/senator who voted against it would be pilloried in most states. Republicans would be seriously on the defensive in every corner of the country. Women candidates would get a boost. Turnout would go up in the critical single women category and among young people. This would be a long running strategy for many many election cycles.

    Yes it may take longer to get the full amendment ratified. This is a downside, but honestly, it is not like the Amendment is going to dramatically change judicial rulings, which have substantially incorporated equal gender rights into US law already. What’s the hurry?

    How can we get the Democratic leadership to switch to a 50-state ERA strategy?

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