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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning (Labor Day)


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, September 1 (Labor Day 2014). Also, check out that photo of how things used to be in this country, before progressives and unions changed it with much tougher regulations — you know, those pesky things that Republicans always say we need to roll back because they’re “job killing?” Yep, THOSE regulations, like ones prohibiting kids from work in dangerous, dirty sweatshops for 12 hours a day or whatever.

*The Medicare Miracle (“Covering the uninsured was supposed to be unaffordable; Medicare as we know it was supposed to be unsustainable. But it turns out that incremental steps to improve incentives and reduce costs can achieve a lot, and covering the uninsured isn’t hard at all.”)

*Workers are at the mercy of markets

*Putin suggests ‘statehood’ for eastern Ukraine

*Feinstein says Obama may be ‘too cautious’

*Israel Claims Nearly 1,000 Acres of West Bank Land Near Bethlehem (“The land appropriation has quickly turned attention back to the Israeli-occupied West Bank and exposed the contradictory visions in the Israeli government that hamper the prospects of any broader Israeli-Palestinian peace process.”)

*For Gov. Terry McAuliffe, question is whether to be bold or cautious on Medicaid expansion

*Warner: Obama’s ‘no strategy’ remark was ‘a very unfortunate choice of words’

*In Virginia, U.S. Senate race unusually low key

*Medicaid expansion holdouts are ideological

*Dorm deportment (“Common sense may be in short supply when hormones are raging, but it shouldn’t be too much to require one human being to respect the wishes of another when intimate relations are in the offing. And there must be serious consequences when that most basic decency is absent.”)

*GRTC studies Northern Va. rapid transit model (“New system sheds light on Richmond’s future for bus service”)

*Pr. William announces $5.9 million shortfall for fiscal 2014

*Nationals’ power surge continues, but they drop series finale vs. Seattle, 5-3

*Scattered strong storms possible through this evening


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