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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, September 28.

*“Straight-up propaganda”: Fox News, charlatans, conspiracy theorists and the religious fanatics endangering democracy (“All demagoguery all the time: Fox News and American politics’ epidemic of craziness”)

*U.S.-led airstrikes hit Islamic State near Syria-Turkey border

*Secret Service fumbled reaction to White House shooting in 2011

*Schapiro: Another challenge for Gillespie — fallout from McDonnell scandal (“The McDonnell scandal only confirms for tea partyers and their fellow travelers what they already believe: that mainstream Republicans are bought and paid for.”)

*Enabling bad behavior (“Virginia’s open government law lets officials keep personnel records secret – to the public’s detriment”)

*Trammell tries to find his place in 7th District race (Apparently, his strategy is to be super quiet and never, ever criticize his far-right-wing, Republican opponent. Brilliant!)

*Ingraham, Sessions headline Brat fundraiser (For instance, Trammell should be blasting Brat for this, as well as for his attendance at the “Values Voter Summit”)

*McDonnell case blamed for slow progress in search for U.S. attorney

*At gay pride event, McAuliffe praises push for same-sex marriage in Va.

*Terry McAuliffe becomes first standing Governor to speak at Virginia Pride

*Bolling emerges as Virginia Republican statesman (Seriously?)

*Gillespie ad falsely tags Warner with PolitiFact’s ‘Lie of the Year’ award (“The clear implication of Gillespie’s ad — that PolitiFact cited Warner for telling the Lie of the Year — is simply False.”)

*A sheep in Wolf’s clothing (Basically, Comstock’s as wingnutty as Wolf – or worse – without the saving grace of being pretty good on a few local issues…)

*McAuliffe embraces gas fracking only where it’s convenient (Robert McCartney nails it as usual: “The rush to embrace natural gas and fracking is steamrolling valid worries about long-term risks to environment.”)

*Virginia GOP candidate Dave Brat looks for balance (The guy’s about as UNbalanced as they come.)

*Tighten regulation on home day care

*Sea level rise in Norfolk is taking the shine off of waterfront property

*Our view: Ralph Smith gets it right

*Strasburg dominates in victory over Marlins

*A stunning September Sunday (“Enjoy the sun while you can – because some unsettled weather soon moves in.”)