A Sad Day for Anti-LGBT Bigots like Bob Marshall; A Great Day for Everyone Else!


    Great news (except for the bigots like “Sideshow Bob” Marshall, Ken Kookinelli, etc.), mazel tov to everyone who’s going to be able to get married soon! 🙂

    The Supreme Court decided not to review rulings that cleared the way for same-sex marriage in Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana and Wisconsin on Monday, meaning marriages can take place there immediately.


    It was a surprising move by the court. Even though no appeals court had ruled that state prohibitions were constitutional–and such disagreements between circuits usually are precursors to Supreme Court review–most thought the court would not let such a significant change happen without their input.

    A pleasant surprise for a change from the mostly-horrible Supreme Court. By the way, let’s not forget what this is all about in the end: the fundamental American value of equal protection under the law and the constitution. How on earth that’s still a difficult concept for some Americans to understand is really mind boggling, but obviously the Bob Marshalls, Dick Blacks and Ken Cuccinellis of the world are blinded by bigotry, intolerance, etc., which appallingly they place AHEAD of fundamental American values (e.g., separation of church and state, equal protection). What boggles my mind is that Cuccinelli was Attorney General and almost became governor; Dick Black is a State Senator; Bob Marshall is a State Delegate; etc.

    P.S. What are Barbara Comstock’s and Ed Gillespie’s reactions to this? Can’t wait. 🙂

    UPDATE: Rep. Gerry Connolly tweets, “SCOTUS gets it right and allows pro-marriage equality rulings to stand! Great day for justice for families in Virginia and 10 other states.” So true.

    UPDATE #2: AG Mark Herring, a true hero on this issue, tweets: “We are in contact w/ 4th circuit on exact timing, but we’re expecting that marriages between same-sex couples can happen later today.”

    • PassionateJus

      According to AG Herring’s twitter feed:


    • “I am very pleased and excited that gay Virginians will now be able to marry. This is a significant step forward in achieving justice and fairness for all. I eagerly await the day when it won’t matter what state a person lives in – when every American can marry the person he or she loves. We need to remove every vestige of prejudice and discrimination so that all Americans – no matter their skin color, their religion, or their sexual or gender orientation – can experience equality, fairness and justice in their communities,” Senator McEachin said.

    • “This is a historic and long overdue moment for our Commonwealth and our country. On issues ranging from recognizing same-sex marriages to extending health care benefits to same-sex spouses of state employees, Virginia is already well-prepared to implement this historic decision. Going forward we will act quickly to continue to bring all of our policies and practices into compliance so that we can give marriages between same-sex partners the full faith and credit they deserve.”

      “I applaud all of the Virginians who gave so much time and effort in the fight for equality, and congratulate my friend Attorney General Mark Herring on this important victory for justice and equal treatment under the law.

      “Equality for all men and women regardless of their race, color, creed or sexual orientation is intrinsic to the values that make us Virginians, and now it is officially inscribed in our laws as well.”

    • “A new day has dawned, and the rights guaranteed by our Constitution are shining through.

      “All Virginians have the constitutional right to be treated fairly and equally, to have loving, committed relationships recognized and respected, and to enjoy the blessings of married life. We should all be proud that our fellow Virginians helped lead us forward.

      “This is a tremendous moment in Virginia history. We will continue to fight discrimination wherever we find it, but today, we celebrate a moment when we move closer to fulfilling the promise of equality ignited centuries ago in Virginia, and so central to the American experience.”


    • Dan Sullivan

      The problem for the originalists and the textualists is that with no discussion amongst the founding fathers regarding the issue they were left without an absurd logical extension upon which to rely. They would have to have strained credulity so far it might have unraveled their entire philosophy possibly by attempting a religious values argument.

      With the conservative philosophy we suffer today, our nation would never have advanced from the horse and buggy era. In those days, conservatives did not fight science; they embraced it and sometimes abused it. They respected the fact that the Constitution itself documents that it and the men who wrote it are/were not infallible by affording amendment. And remember Jefferson who suggested shredding it every generation or so.

      Oh for conservatives who want to slow progress (in the interest of thorough review) rather than reverse it.

    • “In letting the Fourth Circuit’s decision stand, the Supreme Court has given loving couples across the Commonwealth the freedom to marry. I join countless Virginians in celebrating the end of the discriminatory constitutional ban that has denied same-sex couples this fundamental right. Today, we have taken a major step toward Jefferson’s ideal that ‘all men are created equal.'”

      As Governor, Kaine campaigned against the amendment to the Virginia constitution that banned any legal recognition of same-sex relationships and signed an executive order to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

    • “This is a momentous day for Virginia and for all who believe in equality under the law. This decision affirms the right of all people to pursue happiness, the most basic example of which is the ability to marry and share your life with the person you love.

      “Still, it is disappointing that the Court has delayed a final decision on a federal right to marriage equality. Legalized discrimination anywhere is wrong. The Court was right to affirmatively strike down DOMA a year ago, and now it is time to end the uncertainty so many couples are forced to live with and guarantee marriage equality throughout the country.”

    • From @AMartinReports (8 minutes ago): “Spoke to @EdWGillespie this AM about same sex marriage now being legal in Virginia. Said he believes it’s a states rights issue.”


    • PassionateJus
    • Tom

      I want to honor my PWC LGBT friends by attending their weddings. Now the PWC Clerk of the Court can no longer refuse a marriage license after 1 P.M. today when (if I’m reading the details correctly) Va. must begin accepting marriage applications.

      I expect to see a response from John Foust, 10th CD opponent of Barbara Comstock, any moment now. I think Gillespie has already said effectively that the SCOTUS and the U.S. Constitution are irrelevant because only states, not citizens, have any rights.

      I await the next Warner vs. Gillespie poll and Foust vs. Comstock polls, which I expect to show a significant drop in both GOP candidates’ percentages.

      Great day for Virginia and all it’s citizens, and great day for the country!

      Tom Counts, PWCDC officer, and tremendously proud to be a Democrat.  

    • PassionateJus
    • “I am disappointed that the United States Supreme Court declined to hear these cases. The debate over Virginia’s constitutional amendment defining marriage needs a clear and decisive resolution from the Supreme Court. The Court’s decision today leaves Virginians without an affirmative answer on this issue, unnecessarily prolonging the political debate and creating long-term uncertainty regarding the status of same-sex marriages in Virginia depending on the outcome of litigation in other parts of the country.

      “Unfortunately, Virginians have not been represented throughout this legal process. Attorney General Mark Herring refused to defend a duly-adopted provision of Virginia’s Constitution, unilaterally placing his personal, political views ahead of the people and their elected representatives. I am a strong supporter of traditional marriage. There are many Virginians who agree with me and some who do not. Regardless of how one feels about marriage, we should all agree that Virginians deserve to have their voices heard and votes vigorously defended in Court. That did not happen in this case.

      “As I have said before, the ramifications of the Attorney General’s refusal to defend the law extend much further than any one court case. His actions represent a dangerous threat to the rule of law, show disregard for the oath of office and demonstrate contempt for the legislative and democratic processes by which Virginians adopt their laws.”

    • The Supreme Court today denied a writ of certiorati in the case that overturned Virginia’s ban on gay marriages, making marriage equality finally legal for all Virginians. The Democratic Party of Virginia issued the following statement from Margaret Sacra, Chair of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia caucus:

      “Today marks a historic milestone as the Supreme Court paves the way for marriage equality for all Virginians. I’m proud that what started with the 4th Circuit Court decision, featuring eight Virginians who stood up for equal rights, will now become the law of the land in the Commonwealth. We can finally say that Virginia is open and welcoming to all, no matter who you love, and we applaud  this major step forward in the fight for an equal society for all Americans.”

    • “This is a great day for all Virginians. I want to thank everyone who has worked so hard, over so many years, so that the Commonwealth might arrive at this historic moment. Now all Virginians can enjoy the rights and freedoms to marry whom they love. Finally, Virginia is for all lovers.”

    • “Today’s news is a significant step forward towards ending discrimination in Virginia and across the country. The Supreme Court has once again shown that it is willing to stand up for the constitutional rights of all Americans to be protected from unjust and unequal treatment. I commend Attorney General Herring for his leadership in protecting the rights of same-sex couples in Virginia. The fight to end discrimination in Virginia is not over, and we must continue the hard work to ensure that all Virginians have a fair chance.”

    • ir003436

      My daughter is a single lady of a certain age, a DC attorney.  Her best friend from high school is gay — daughter knew this in high school, I didn’t learn until 4-5 years ago.

      Best friend and her partner nave been together for 20 years.

      They are headed for the Fairfax County courthouse where rumor has it the courthouse is setting up rope lines in anticipation for big crowds.

      Daughter left work early, went to a local watering hole, reserved a room and is setting up a reception!!!!  It’s  great day for a wedding and a party!!!

      Has Cooch’s head exploded yet???

    • Bigots are so predictable.

      Virginia state Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William), co-author of the state’s marriage ban, decried the move in a statement and predicted that “marriage will soon include polygamy, or threesomes, leaving innocent children to suffer the consequences.”

    • “Today’s decision by the Supreme Court will finally allow marriage equality to move forward in Virginia and many other states. With the circuit courts so far ruling unanimously on the issue of marriage equality, there was no conflict for the Supreme Court to resolve. Additionally, having allowed so many challenges to stand, today’s decision makes it a virtual certainty that whenever the court does choose to weigh in on this issue, it will rule in favor of marriage equality.”

    • bruce roemmelt
    • Seriously, this guy never disappoints! LOL

      Manassas, VA — The US Supreme Court has left the scene of a “hit and run” it caused by letting stand the decision of two federal Appeals judges striking down Virginia’s voter-approved Marriage Amendment.

      By failing to gain the support of four justices to hear the appeal of Virginia’s marriage case, the Supreme Court has placed the Government of the Commonwealth in the hands of two federal judges whose very names are unknown to “We the people.”

      The Supreme Court’s decision disregards the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” and will fundamentally compromise and seriously erode the bonds of allegiance by the most patriotic of citizens, to government at all levels because this is not the America of the Founder’s vision!

      Nor did the Founders establish a system of Government whereby a few unknown appointed federal judges could establish and impose their own law on the the populace which contradicts the laws passed by the people’s duly-elected representatives.

      Shortly before he was appointed Chief Justice in 1969, Chief Justice Warren Berger noted, “A Court which is final and unreviewable needs more careful scrutiny than any other. Unreviewable power is most likely to self-indulge … no public institution, or the people who operate it, can be above public debate.”

      The Founders gave Congress vast authority over the cases federal courts are permitted to rule on:

      Congress has “unlimited control over the Court’s appellate jurisdiction, as well as total jurisdiction of the lower federal courts. … Congress is in position to restrict the actual exercise of judicial review at times, or even to frustrate it altogether.”

      (Edward S. Corwin, Understanding the Constitution)

      Failure of Members of Congress or candidates for Congress of either political party to rein in such abuses of power by federal judges by abolishing their ability to hear such cases as is expressly provided for in the Constitution should be disqualified from holding office.

      Make no mistake: Once natural marriage is abolished marriage will soon include polygamy, or threesomes, leaving innocent children to suffer the consequences and other far reaching consequences of attempting to force legal acceptance of so-called same sex marriage.

    • Del. Rip Sullivan Statement on Same-Sex Marriage in Virginia

      Today Virginia’s courts can finally make whole the slogan “Virginia is for lovers” and begin processing hundreds of marriage licenses for loving, committed couples.

      When asked what today meant for him, Delegate Rip Sullivan reminded us that today is about honoring those that have lived in the shadows and been forced to endure legal discrimination and personal assaults. “Today is for the school teacher and her partner, who bravely stood up in front of a room full of legislatures this year, in tearful testimony, begging for the right to adopt her child, so that she and her partner would have the same parental rights as their heterosexual neighbors. Today is for the couples from Norfolk and Chesterfield, who risked so much – braving courtrooms, cruelty, and countless hours away from their friends and families – to ensure that this fight was not lost for future generations. Today is for my neighbor and his partner – who were legally and happily bound together in marriage several years ago but were denied that same right in their own state. Today is indeed for past heroes, current champions, and future generations of same-sex couples.”

      It is “unacceptable that Virginia has taken so long to side with justice on this issue, but the victory today serves as a testament to our capacity for progress and optimism,” quotes Del. Sullivan.  This is a good day, but the fight is not over nationally. “There is less than one month left in congressional campaigns across the country to elect candidates who reflect our founders’ belief that all citizens “are created equal,” Sullivan said. “We cannot be complacent and risk moving backwards. Together, we can make sure that Virginia and all of the United States are for lovers.”


      Supreme Court’s decision to deny certiorari means LGBT Virginians can wed

      RICHMOND – In response to news this morning that the Supreme Court would not review lower courts’ rulings on several marriage equality cases – effectively enabling LGBT couples in Virginia to wed – Senate Democrats made the following statements:

      Said Sen. Adam Ebbin (D – Alexandria), Virginia’s first openly gay senator (and one of only two openly gay members of the General Assembly), “Virginia is waking up from history. At long last, gay and lesbian couples will be able to marry. This victory was a long time in coming, and it might have been longer still if countless Virginians had not chosen to fight for equality and justice. I am proud of the work that they have done – and continue to do every day. We have made immense progress, but we have to keep going. In many parts of the country, marriage equality is still out of reach. Here in our Commonwealth, we still need to enact workplace and other non-discrimination protections. I look forward to continuing to fight for those laws.”

      Said Sen. Jennifer Wexton (D – Loudoun), “Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision, we will finally have marriage equality here in Virginia. Today is a victory for justice, fairness, and common sense — but there is more to do. LGBT Virginians still lack important protections that other citizens enjoy, and we need to ensure that they – and all Virginians, regardless of race, religion, gender, or any other trait – are treated as equals. We’re headed in the right direction, but we must keep working until every Virginian is equal under our laws.”

    • From the guy who, to our eternal horror and shame, was Virginia’s Attorney General for 4 years and who came within a few points of becoming freakin’ GOVERNOR! I’m talking, of course, about Ken Kookinelli:

      I’m very disappointed in today’s Supreme Court decision undoing the marriage amendment to Virginia’s constitution.

      Federal government overreach is something I’ve fought against my entire career. And I think this is particularly egregious – the federal courts are part of that overreach.

      Even if you didn’t vote for the Marriage Amendment in Virginia in 2006, I hope you’ll agree this sets a dangerous precedent that the federal government can dictate to the states what is and is not law.

      States and voters need to be empowered to set their own laws free of unelected judges. It leaves me wondering if there is any remnant of state sovereignty left.

    • “Allowing people to marry who they love is the fundamentally right thing to do, and it strengthens our families and communities. This is a remarkable and memorable day in Virginia’s march toward equality,” Sen. Warner said.  

      Sen. Warner was the first Virginia Governor to sign an executive order banning state workforce discrimination based on sexual orientation. In the Senate, he voted to repeal the U.S. military’s discriminatory “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

    • “It’s unconscionable, unconstitutional, & completely absolutely un-American” – hahahaha.

      By the way, this Bryan Fischer lunatic is actually embraced (!) by the Republican Party. It really shows you how far off the deep end this once-great party has gone in recent years…

    • pvogel

       burst into flame  just befor the   sinkhole  opened up ans swallowed it

    • pvogel

      the   crazy  anticrowd    seemed  a lot smaller today.    Only the truly insane evil ones   spoke.     scottwalker   said     ” sometimes     what you think is right  is not,     it done  we move on”

    • In wake of gay marriage decision, Delgaudio calls Chief Justice John Roberts a liberal backstabber

      “We will not surrender the defense of marriage or the right to free speech for Christians and all those Americans who believe in traditional values,” Delgaudio said in a statement on his nonprofit Public Advocate of the United States website. “I promise you one liberal jurist, John Roberts, in a gown is not going to stop millions of determined traditional marriage believers in our right to proclaim traditional marriage and our moral values.”


    • Today Governor Terry McAuliffe signed Executive Order #30, directing all Virginia state agencies, authorities, commissions and other entities to make the necessary policy changes to comply with yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision not to review the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision legalizing gay marriage in Virginia. The text of the Executive Order is as follows:

      NUMBER THIRTY (2014)


      Importance of the Issue

      The highest priority of state government should be to guarantee every person’s right to live, learn, work, and do business, regardless of their race, gender, creed or sexual orientation. This principle guided my first act as Governor when I signed Executive Order #1 banning discrimination in the state workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity. This principle also guided the Virginia leaders, advocates and allies who fought for marriage equality and won when the Supreme Court declined to review the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling in Bostic v. Schaefer. Same-sex marriage is now legal in Virginia. This is a historic and long overdue moment for our Commonwealth and our country.

      The decision has opened new doors to my administration’s guiding principle of equality. An open and welcoming environment is imperative to grow as a Commonwealth, and to build a new Virginia economy that will attract vital businesses, innovative entrepreneurs, and thriving families.

      On issues ranging from recognizing same-sex marriages to extending health care benefits to same-sex spouses of state employees, state government is already well-prepared to implement this landmark decision. My administration will act quickly to continue to bring all of our policies and practices into compliance so that we can give married same-sex couples the full array of benefits they deserve.

      Pursuant to the authority vested in me as the Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth, and pursuant to Article V of the Constitution and the laws of Virginia, I hereby order, effective immediately, that all entities in the executive branch, including agencies, authorities, commissions, departments, and all institutions of higher education further evaluate all policies and take all necessary and appropriate legal measures to comply with this decision.  

      In addition, the Director of the Department of Human Resource Management shall notify all state agencies that employees whose same-sex marriage is recognized as legal in the Commonwealth, and who are eligible, may enroll their spouse and eligible dependents in the health benefits program for state employees within sixty (60) days of marriage.

      A full and complete report of all appropriate measures will be reviewed by the Counselor to the Governor and presented to the Governor on or before November 15, 2014.

      Effective Date of the Executive Order

      This Executive Order shall become effective upon its signing, and shall remain in full force and effect unless amended or rescinded by further executive order.

      Given under my hand and under the Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia this 7th day of October, 2014.


      Terence R. McAuliffe, Governor