Ed Gillespie Continues to Embarrass Himself, Flounder in Campaign’s Closing Days


    I mean, seriously, THIS is what Ed Gillespie chooses to focus his energies on during the closing days of the 2014 campaign for U.S. Senate? Just to put this in perspective: according to the latest polling, the top priorities for Virginians are: 1) the economy (22%); 2) jobs/unemployment (13%); 3 – tie) budget/taxes (9%); 3 – tie) health care (9%); 5) leadership/gridlock (6%); and 6) education (5%).

    Note what’s NOT on that list of concerns? That’s right, the name of the Washington NFL franchise. My guess is that it’s probably a top priority for about, oh I dunno, 0.001% of Virginians? Yet THIS is what lobbyist “Enron Ed” Gillespie has chosen to focus his energies on during the final 6 days of this campaign? Can we say “utterly out of touch” or what? Pathetic.

    Making matters worse, Gillespie seems to think that citing right-wing extremist, demagogue, and all-around buffoon Sean Hannity is something positive, in support of his staunch defense of the Washington NFL franchise’s name, which many (albeit not a majority) believe is racist and/or derogatory and/or simply idiotic (I’d fall into pretty much all three categories, particularly the latter two).

    By the way, note that by far the top-rated comments on Gillespie’s own Facebook thread basically make the points noted above.

    *”This country has much bigger issues than worrying about the name of a football team…The name of a football team should be the last thing on the minds of those in Washington.” (35 “likes”)

    *”With all of the problems our country is experiencing I fail to see why a football team should be any of their concern?” (17 “likes”)

    And those are Gillespie’s supporters saying that! Total #FAIL, get this guy off the stage (anybody have a hook handy?).


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