• campaignman

    Republican Frank Wolf’s retirement has made it possible for a Democrat to win Virginia’s 10th CD.  Mainstream Democrat John Foust is running against extremist Republican Barbara Comstock.

    Comstock doesn’t want you to know how extreme she is so she refuses to answer questions on subjects that will reveal her true identity.

    On line you can see her duck out on direct questions from a reporter seeking to get her views on women’s health issues, aka the right to make their own choices.

    On top of that, Comstock recently said that since she didn’t get her own way she voted against the two most important measures put before the Virginia state legislature in the past decade!

       Comstock voted against the bi-partisan transportation bill that helped bring the Silver Line to Northern Virginia and will fix roads, bridges and highways.

       Comstock voted against the bi-partisan health care bill, which resulted in the closing of a hospital and losing access to $20 billion that the IRS is collecting over a ten-year period from Virginians.

       In addition, Comstock voted to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in education funding in Virginia.

    Get the word out in these last few days.  Vote John Foust!