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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, October 26. Also check out Bill Clinton’s speech at last night’s Human Rights Campaign National Dinner. This country has certainly come a long way on LGBT equality since the days of “don’t ask don’t tell.”

*The Horror Before the Beheadings (“ISIS Hostages Endured Torture and Dashed Hopes” — utterly despicable, horrible, you name it. The Islamic State is evil.)

*Nurse Quarantined In Ebola Scare: I Felt Treated ‘As If I Was A Criminal’

*Bill Clinton fires up gay-rights group’s gala

*Thomas Frank: “We are such losers” (“We persuade ourselves that the answer to the savagery of the right-the way to trump the naked class aggression of the One Percent-is to say farewell to our own tradition and get past politics and ideology altogether.”)

*Greens grow into electoral powerhouse (Not the Green Party, mind you, but people who care about protecting the environment.)

*Schapiro: What a tangled Webb he weaves (“Kaine also is pressing an issue that addresses Webb’s concerns about the how and when of U.S. military deployment: Kaine wants to rewrite the rules for declaring war, demanding Congress have a greater voice. It’s a move that just might muffle Webb’s.” Fascinating article.)

*Gas pipelines become a campaign issue in 5th District

*Casey: Where’s that pipeline gas going?

*COMMENTARY: Warner is a bipartisan problem-solver

*Vote Mark Warner for US Senate on Nov. 4

*Road-tested and reliable (Glad to see another endorsement for Mark Warner, but the Daily Press throws in some really stupid comments, like how Warner’s vote for the Affordable Care Act was a “mistake.” In fact, the ACA is working quite well, and would be working even better if Republicans would stop obstructing it – first and foremost, Medicaid expansion in states like Virginia, an integral part of the ACA).

*Spotsylvania campaigners for Warner, Gillespie both say some voters could cross party lines

*Today’s top opinion: Gillespie for Senate (The Republican…Er, Richmond Times-Dispatch predictably endorses Ed Gillespie, just as it loved Eric Cantor, in an utterly muddle-headed editorial that gives the far-far-right-wing Washington Times a run for its money.)

*Randolph-Macon, ‘political center of the universe’ for a day (Absolute guarantee: that debate will NOT make Randolph-Macon the “political center of the universe” on Tuesday. Zero chance of that.)

*Why It Is Not Puckett-gate: Politics isn’t a Crime (No, but bribery is. That’s the question the FBI presumably is looking into.)

*Analyst: Va.’s 9th District race won’t be won by third-party candidate (Duh.)

*Unusual candidate Micah Edmond carries torch for GOP in Va. congressional race (“‘Forty-three percent of this district are minorities,’ he said. ‘African Americans alone could flip this race.'” Uh huh…)

*More and more people in Mountain Empire facing food insecurity (Yet another reason not to vote for Republicans, the party that believes in slashing the social safety net to give tax cuts to the wealthy.)

*Reform relic of bygone days (“Virginia’s program for special conservators of the peace, or SCOPs, hasn’t quite caught up with modern-day policing. It should.”)

*ABC to use liquor markup to modernize the system

*A sunny, mild but breezy Sunday

  • Dr. Stephen Morse of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University says quarantining medical workers coming back from working in countries where Ebola is present is mostly about making ourselves feel better, “largely a response to the fear,” but will have minimal if any impact.

  • Dan Sullivan

    As I wrote a few days ago, Senator Kaine’s biggest obstacle in the effort to define the authority to commit America to war is a Congress that fears responsibility. This is particularly true of the members of a House majority whose campaign coffers thrive from complaints about this President’s exercise of authority. It is in their self-interests have someone else to hold accountable.

    In a little over a week we will see if a similar cowardly majority will rise in the Senate. If it does, we are doomed to 2 years of an even louder America bashing chorus that has been an albatross on the Obama economic recovery and would turn the Kaine initiative into a campaign of complaints about the President, whether or not it is enacted in any form.

    That consequence may serve to suppress the Democratic vote in 2016 because forcing any pretender to choose between defending or abandoning the President’s record in the area of foreign affairs will divide the Democratic Party.

    World events may incite a rallying cry for neo-nationalism among the “patriots” and this Congress’s track record shows it would rather be able to wash its hands of responsibility while pandering to those fools; especially after the “most excellent” results of the authorization of force provided George Bush and company.

  • pvogel

    If the GOP takes over  the  senate,  remember checks  and balance…..  We still have  filibustering,  and     the president  is oredering  extra  supplies  of ink   for his   underutilized  veto pen.