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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, October 28.

*Minimum wage gives Democrats a rare edge over GOP

*Scott Walker to Chris Christie: Thanks for nothing

*Ebola fears should not lead to overreaction (So far, much of the media — PBS and NPR certainly being expections — have been an utter disgrace on this. Right-wing media, in particular, has been a cesspool of misinformation, fearmongering, politicizing, etc. The usual, in other words…)

*The Dangers of Quarantines (“Ebola Policies Made in Panic Cause More Damage”)

*Right-Wing Media Praise Failed Theory Of Trickle-Down Economics Myth To Condemn Hillary Clinton (“Conservative media praised the failed theory of trickle-down economics in response to Hillary Clinton’s remark that the middle class, not tax cuts for corporations, spurs economic growth, a position backed by economists.”)

*Ed Gillespie uses Redskins name issue in political ad against Sen. Mark Warner (Seriously?!? I believe that’s what’s known as a “Hail Mary” pass! LOL)

*Decision Virginia: Dave Brat / Jack Trammell debate preview

*Lobby firm snaps up Cantor aide with Wall Street ties (Lovely, eh?)

*Legislators gave localities an out on proposed constitutional amendment

*McAuliffe’s new Va. ethics panel meets for the first time

*Governor’s panel endorses tougher Virginia ethics laws (“In addition to tighter policing of public officials’ behavior, the panel also agreed today that the state’s congressional and state legislative districts should be drawn without regard to political party.”)

*Virginia prepared to invoke involuntary quarantine power for Ebola (Monitoring is a good idea, although I’m not sure why we’re singling out Ebola per se and not other dangerous, infectious diseases.)

*Of groundhogs and pull-string dolls: Rep. Rigell talks Hampton Roads energy

*Morgan Griffith, independent candidate face off in 9th District

*Sportsplex audit: wins and losses

*Quality warm sunshine today before Wednesday rain and weekend chill


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