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Will Brat Deprive Seniors of Hard-Earned Retirement Funds AND Cut Their Medical Coverage?


From the Virginia 7th CD Democratic Committee:


CHESTERFIELD – Virginians work hard throughout their lives to provide for their families and to be prepared for retirement. However, congressional candidate in the seventh district Dave Brat wants to consider violating this trust Virginians have and depriving them of hard-earned and much needed retirement income. At a question-and-answer session with the Mechanicsville Tea Party, Mr. Brat said, “In order to avoid those insolvency issues with Medicare and Social Security, you are going to have to do some major cuts.”


Abbi Easter, chair of the Seventh District Democratic Committee responded, “After decades of work, Virginians deserve to know that the thousands of dollars they have paid into Social Security will be available for them. This is a pact the government, in effect, makes with working people when it collects the tax from paychecks. To break that pact with our elderly citizens, potentially leaving them unable to pay their bills in their golden years, is unacceptable and, frankly, an egregious violation.


“Moreover, Mr. Brat also talks about cuts to Medicare. As individuals age, their medical needs often increase. Just as their incomes decrease or disappear, Mr. Brat wants to put their needed medical care at risk also. While we must make the tough decisions to balance our budget, we cannot do so on the backs of seniors. 

“Jack Trammell has committed to preserving Medicare and Social Security for elderly Virginians. He recognizes not only the importance of government keeping its word, but that these Social Security dollars were earned by Virginians and they deserve to be able to count on them. Mr. Trammell recognizes that citizens have to have faith in their government to keep its promises, to not abscond with their funds and to be there when citizens are most vulnerable,” Ms. Easter concluded. 


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