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Virginia News Headlines: Thanksgiving 2014


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thanksgiving 2014.

*How to win Thanksgiving: Your guide to arguing with relatives (“It’s going to be especially hard to avoid politics at Thanksgiving this year. Here’s how you can defeat Uncle Dingo”)

*Here Is Everything That’s Wrong With Chuck Schumer’s Obamacare Comments (“Schumer’s notion that Obamacare only benefits those in the lower end of the economic spectrum is a flawed one. It is also in direct conflict with the Chuck Schumer of 2010, who campaigned incessantly for health care reform, and insisted that the policy ‘really did deliver for the middle-class.'”)

*GOP Mulls Not Inviting Obama to Give State of the Union (Yep, sounds like Republicans…petty and petulant as can be.)

*Darren Wilson And George Zimmerman Described Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin The Same Way (Hmmmmm…gee, wonder why that is.)

*Shadow Trial (“Prosecutors in Ferguson violated our right to an open criminal justice system.”)

*The Race to Be Hillary’s Karl Rove (“In a series of interviews with operatives inside and outside the Clinton orbit, most professional Democrats said the current favorite was Robby Mook, a well-traveled veteran at 35 who last served as the campaign manager for close Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe’s successful bid to become governor of Virginia in 2013.”)

*Warner, Kaine back DoD push to update protections in Military Lending Act

*For Rep. Dave Brat, a tricky balance (Yeah, he has to decide whether to focus on being crazy or extreme. Heh.)

*Va. Attorney General still paying off campaign debt (“Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring is still paying off campaign debt related to last year’s recount effort, while his political spending after nearly a year in office outpaces those of other possible 2017 gubernatorial candidates.”)

*University of Virginia Students Speak Out in Wake of Rape Allegations, Fraternity Closings

*Saslaw bill would make colleges report sexual assaults to police (Thanks for giving Blue Virginia credit for breaking this story. Next time, maybe you could actually link?)

*University Of Virginia Apologizes To Student Who Says She Was Gang-Raped

*Appalachian Power ordered to refund about $5.8 million to customers

*Proposal targets Virginia Beach’s TowneBank investments

*Loudoun will be home to mid-Atlantic’s first commercial hops facility

*RGIII’s rise and fall took less than three seasons

*From owner to coach to quarterback, the common theme in Washington is desperation

*A chilly Thanksgiving, with a slight chance of rain or snow

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