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EW Jackson, “Virginia Christian Alliance” Attack Transgender Health Commissioner


With the Virginia Board of Health meeting this morning to reconsider the draconian, unfair women’s health clinic regulations put in place due to then-AG Ken Cuccinelli’s bullying, it appears that the anti-LGBTQ bigots are out in force. That would be EW Jackson, who doesn’t understand why he’s called hateful for his anti-LGBTQ ravings, believes supporting a woman’s right to control her own body makes one a “pro-abortion radical,” and can’t even spell “McAuliffe” correctly. It’s also something called the “Virginia Christian Alliance,” which falsely (and appallingly) claims that transgendered people like Virginia Department of Health Interim Commissioner Dr. Marissa Levine have a “serious mental illness.” And while I certainly do NOT believe (as Erin Matson tweets; see the “flip” of this post) that most (or even many?) people working against abortion are “driven by gender-motivated hate,” clearly some (like the “Virginia Christian Alliance” and EW Jackson) hold those views. And just as clearly, I hope we all can agree that type of intolerance and bigotry should be unacceptable in our society, whatever one’s views about abortion rights.


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