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Virginia House Dem Caucus: “Delegate Morrissey should resign immediately”


A strong statement from Virginia House Democrats, with Minority Leader Toscano stating that Morrisey’s conviction “disqualifies him from serving in the House,” and with the entire caucus demanding that Morrisey “should resign immediately.” Now, we’ll see if he does, or if he needs to be expelled.

Richmond, VA – In light of his conviction for Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, the House Democratic Caucus calls for the immediate resignation of Delegate Joe Morrissey.  The House of Delegates is the oldest legislative body in the United States of America and should hold its members to the highest standards of ethical conduct.  A conviction arising out of sexual misconduct involving a minor, accompanied by significant active jail time, and legislative service while serving in a jail work release program is not consistent with those standards.

“This is a very troubling case,” said Minority Leader David Toscano, “and disqualifies him from serving in the House.  Our citizens are looking very closely at their legislators and the integrity of the body and his trust with his constituents and his colleagues has been broken.  For the good of the General Assembly and the Commonwealth, he should immediately resign, and we are actively exploring all available options, including removal, if he does not.”

“The House Democratic Caucus believes that Delegate Morrissey should resign immediately so that that the People of the 74thDistrict can be served by a member who can focus on their needs without significant personal distractions,” said Caucus Chairman Scott Surovell.  

Also, Del. Krupicka tweets, “I encourage Mr. Morrissey to resign immediately. His acts related to his improper relationship with a minor discredit our legislature.” Aneesh Chopra tweets, “I’m with Rob.”


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