OMG!!! The voting process in Virginia is under attack!!!!!


    I live in Northumberland County, which is “represented” in the Virginia House of Delegates by Delegate Margaret Ransone (R, 99th HOD District).  In her column that appeared in all Northern Neck newspapers the last week in January, Ms. Ransone made the following claim with no further explanation:

    “On Thursday (Note:  15 or 22 Jan), I chaired the first 2015 meeting of the House elections committee, where we stopped several pieces of legislation that threatened to undermine the integrity of the voting process.”

    Got that?  Someone introduced legislation into the Virginia General Assembly that “threatened to undermine the integrity of the voting process!!!!!!”

    This is critical — who introduced such legislation?  What did the legislation say?  Perhaps Ms. Ransone can identify for us the legislation in question as well as telling us what in that legislation would “undermine the integrity of the voting process.”

    I’m not holding my breath for an answer.