Shocker: Teapublican House of Delegates Does Something Right, Nixes Secret Execution Drugs Bill


    Good riddance this horrible bill (would have made the contents of execution drugs secret – seriously!), which just went down to defeat in the Teapublican-controlled Virginia House of Delegates by a 56-42 vote (I hear all Dems voted to kill it). I also hear that Del. Rick Morris (R) basically argued government of/by/for the people, and that government shouldn’t do anything in secret. Del. Charniele Herring (D) correctly argued that killing human beings shouldn’t be done under a veil of secrecy. In contrast, our old pal Del. Dave Albo (R), infamous for this embarrassing performance (among many many others) said it wasn’t a big deal. Finally, Dick Saslaw deserves condemnation for sponsoring this horrible bill, as does any Democrat – or Republican, but you kinda expect it from them – who voted for this.


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