Video: More Than 11 Million Americans Are Now Covered Thanks to “Obamacare”


    Great news; yet more evidence that hysterical opponents of the Affordable Care Act were, and continue to be, dead wrong. Also, just imagine how many more people – beyond the eyepopping 11.4 million number – would be covered if “red” states, and states with Teapublican-controlled legislatures like Virginia, would stop sending our tax money to other states while denying people affordable health care coverage by allowing for Medicaid expansion, as provided in the Affordable Care Act (but as the right-wing SCOTUS foolishly/nonsensically made optional for states)? In short, what Republicans like Bill “ALEC” Howell and Virginia Senate Majority Leader Tommy “No Ethics for Me” Norment are doing is just plain nastiness, for no good reason other than to save them from an even crazier right wingnut possibly primarying them. This November, we need to vote as many of these extremists out of office.

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