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Democrats “Jack and Jill” to Challenge Right-Wing Loudoun Republicans


Good news from the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Virginia Democrats announced last week two strong candidates, Dr. Jill McCabe of Leesburg and Jewan “Jack” Tiwari of South Riding, to take on some of the General Assembly's most extreme members. Both challengers know that area voters are not well represented by hard-line right-wingers Senator Dick Black and Delegate David Ramadan.
Dr. McCabe, a pediatrician and mother of two, is challenging Dick Black, who has earned a reputation in the General Assembly as a far-right ideologue. He's pushed legislation to ban same-sex couples from adopting children, argued that sexual assault in the military was “as predictable as human nature,” and has consistently sparked outrage with his attacks on women's healthcare decisions. Black's positions fall outside of mainstream Virginia values.

“Healthcare, public policy and business are intersecting now more than ever. I believe that my experience as a health professional, a working mother and an education leader have helped prepare me to tackle the challenges facing the Commonwealth today,” said Dr. McCabe. “From affordable healthcare to full-day kindergarten, we have a responsibility to give our children the very best Virginia has to offer.”

Tiwari, a realtor who launched his challenge to David Ramadan in one of the state's most competitive House districts, noted that the Republican majority in the General Assembly “has spent its time making it easier to buy guns, rejecting millions in federal assistance, fighting Attorney General Mark Herring, and restricting a women’s access to health care.”

Both Ramadan and Black have touted a far-right agenda that includes blocking Medicaid expansion, making it harder to vote and opposing equality for LGBT Virginians. Virginia Democrats are confident that voters will reject such extremism and support commonsense ideals and values in November.



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