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How Are Virginia Dems Doing So Far in House of Delegates Recruitment?


A few weeks ago, I posted a graphic showing Virginia’s House of Delegates districts, ranked in descending order by the percent that AG candidate Mark Herring received in 2013. Now, I’m well aware that turnout in 2015 will be even lower than 2013 (a statewide/governor’s election year), but it’s still a more accurate baseline, IMHO, than any “even year” election.

Anyway, what this ranking showed was that there are currently 12 House of Delegates districts where Mark Herring received 50% or greater in 2013, yet are held by Republican delegates. There are also two 49% Herring districts, two 48% Herring districts, two 47% Herring districts, and four 46% Herring districts currently held by Republican delegates. So how are we doing (e.g., how are House Minority Leader David Toscano and Del. Alfonso Lopez, Campaign and Political Chair of the House Democratic Caucus) in terms of recruitment in these districts so far?

According to VPAP, we now have a (super-strong) candidate, Jennifer Boysko, in the 86th district, where Del. Tom Rust has announced his retirement. Nothing’s an automatic, but that one looks like a superb pickup opportunity for Democrats this November. We also have candidates in the following districts:

*HD-87 (56% Herring district): Democrat Jack Tiwari vs. Del. David Ramadan

*HD-32 (54% Herring district): Democrat Elizabeth Miller vs. Del. Tag Greason

*HD-42 (53% Herring district): Democrat Joana Garcia vs. Del. Dave Albo

*HD-13 (51% Herring district): Democrat Don Shaw vs. Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall

*HD-12 (50% Herring district): Democrat Laurie Buchwald vs. Del. Joseph Yost

*HD-21 (50% Herring district): Democrat Susan Hippen vs. Del. Ron Villanueva

*HD-50 (50% Herring district): Democrat Kyle McCullough vs. Del. Jackson Miller

*HD-94 (49% Herring district): Democrat Shelly Simonds vs. Del. David Yancey

*HD-100 (49% Herring distirct): Democrat Willie Randall vs. Del. Rob Bloxom

*HD-28 (48% Herring district): Democrat Kandy Hilliard vs. House Speaker Bill Howell (let’s hope Tea Partier Susan Stimpson wins that primary!)

*HD-40 (47% Herring district): Democrat Jerry Foltz vs. Del. Tim Hugo

All in all, not too shabby, and we still have time to recruit candidates in remaining potentially competitive, House of Delegates districts. In the end, this could turn out to be an excellent year in terms of recruitment. The question is whether we’ll be able to adequately fund these candidates, as Republicans started off 2015 with a big money advantage for House of Delegates.

The remaining top House of Delegates recruiting priorities, as far as I can tell, are: 1) someone to challenge Del. Jim LeMunyon in his 54% Mark Herring district (in 2013, Democrat Hung Nguyen got 45.3%); 2) ditto for right-wingnut extraordinaire Del. Scott Lingamfelter, in his 52% Mark Herring district (last time around, Jeremy McPike lost by just 228 votes; not sure why he’s not trying again this year!); 3) ditto against Del. Rich Anderson in his 50% Mark Herring district (Democrat Reed Heddleston got 46% in 2013).

One other seat worth noting is the 2nd, a 56% Mark Herring district being vacacted by Del. Michael Futrell. Our candidate there is Roderick Hall, who will take on former Del. Mark Dudenhefer.  

P.S. I just read this morning that “Political newcomer Chuck Hedges, a Democrat, will challenge incumbent state Del. David LaRock (R) in this year’s House of Delegates 33rd District election.” That’s a tough district (44% for Mark Herring in 2013), but what the heck, you can’t win if you don’t play!


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