$842,592 and Counting for Indiana’s Anti-Gay “Memories Pizza” Owners


    This is just disturbing. Instead of donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to god-fearing gay-fearing people who make pizza, how about donating it to a food pantry or other worthy cause, not this idiocy? Sad to say, in America, playing the “victim” – and lots of publicity about being the “victim” in the right-wing media! – apparently pays off with $$$$, big time.

    • blue bronc

      Never having been in a chicken a filet store I do not know what they serve.  

      The difference between this “ma and pa” pizza store and chicken is one is a huge corporation, but both are recipients of “hate the gay” largesse. I suppose these people will take the money and run, refuse to pay income tax on it, and plead being victims of the IRS.  

      Stunning is that they have not broken any laws to be charged with, all they did was say they would not serve gay people.  If all you have to do to get a million from the far right “hate the gay” freaks is say you won’t serve gays because you are pious Jesus followers, I think everybody should do so too.  What a money making scheme!