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National and Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, April 24. The photo, by the way, is in “honor” of Domininion continuing to fuel climate change, this time by proving that they were never serious about offshore wind power, but would rather move ahead with a super-expensive nuclear power boondoggle and super-expensive natural gas pipelines to nowhere. Brilliant.

*Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch as Attorney General After Long Delay (Congratulations, Republicans did less than the bare minimum.)

*Krugman: Zombies of 2016 (“A deep attachment to long-refuted ideas seems to be required of all prominent Republicans. Whoever finally gets the nomination for 2016 will have multiple zombies as his running mates.”)

*Media Admit Schweizer Reporting Contains “No Smoking Gun

*ABC News Finds More Errors In Schweizer’s Clinton Cash

*U.S. Is Often Unsure About Who Will Die in Drone Strikes

*Comcast Plans to Drop Time Warner Cable Deal

*Marco Rubio is for sale: The GOP’s epic money-groveling campaign has officially begun (“And it’s not just him. The entire 2016 field is cozying up to billionaires for a chance at winning the White House”)

*What hostage deaths mean for the future of U.S. drone strikes

*Dave Brat’s Bizarre Statements

*McAuliffe touts gas and nuclear, says it’s not his job to worry about risks (McAuliffe said a lot of stuff that was either false, misguided, or absurd in that forum. I’ll have more on this later, but first read Ivy Main’s excellent article.)

*Again: Missing target on Medicaid (“Economists from Moody’s Analytics prepared a report to evaluate pressure on public funding for higher education, also measured Medicaid expenditures as a percentage of state spending. The report hardly offers justification for denying health care coverage to lower-income Virginians”)

*Sen. Kaine: The problem isn’t the drones. It’s the U.S. mission

*Mark Warner, Lincoln Chafee to address SC Democrats

*Virginia’s clout in D.C. is shrinking (I mean, Eric Cantor was awful, but believe it or not, Dave Brat’s crazier and less effective — plus FAR less powerful.)

*Federal investigators reviewed Va. lawmaker’s relationship with lobbyist

*Dominion Resources says off-shore wind project could cost far more than expected (In other words, Dominion bought up the offshore wind lease areas so they could sit on them. Shocker, eh?)

*Virginia’s cicada-eating, Kegerator-using head salesman, Terry McAuliffe

*Alexandria mayoral candidates agree: Don’t sell off City Hall, Market Square

*Sunny and chilly again. Spring’s warmth on hiatus until next week.


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