Audio: Extremist Ken Cuccinelli Attacks AG Mark Herring on Abortion Clinics Opinion


    I think the best way to listen to this garbage is to just keep in mind the following rule at all times: if Ken Cuccinelli’s lips are moving, he’s lying (or at the minimum, distorting). The fact is, Cuccinelli bullied the state Board of Health “into a stance – unprecedented in state history – that could force most of the commonwealth’s 20 or so abortion clinics to close.” Cooch can use the excuse all he wants that what he REALLY cares about is women’s health, but of course it’s utter nonsense; this is 100% about Cooch’s virulent, absolutist opposition to abortion. Period.

    As for Mark Herring’s recent decision protecting these clinics, the overwhelming consensus regarding the “ideologically-motivated ‘twisted legal logic’ from former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli,” is strong support.  Here are two strong examples.

    “Mr. Cuccinelli, a crusading culture warrior, advanced a rationale as flawed as it was novel…Mr. Herring’s opinion provides a correction.” – Washington Post

    “If they had any sense of shame, conservative Republicans would feel some in the wake of Attorney General Mark Herring’s recent opinion about abortion-clinic regulations.” – Richmond Times Dispatch

    The bottom line is that Ken Cuccinelli was a disaster as Virginia’s Attorney General, got almost everything wrong, went on crazy (and taxpayer-money-wasting) witch hunts, and thankfully is now out of public office. On the other hand, Cooch IS the “gift that keeps on giving” politically, as every time he speaks, he reminds people how extreme, intolerant, and downright crazy his party has become. For that service, I thank him from the bottom of my Democratic, progressive heart. 🙂


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