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Bosom Buddies: Alex McMurtrie and Bob McDonnell; Dan Gecker and Ronald Reagan


The Democratic primary for state senate district 10 is taking an interesting turn, with both Dan Gecker and Alex McMurtrie facing a barrage of attacks over their shady dealings and a third candidate, Emily Francis, is pounding home their ties/financial support to Republicans in a series of mailers claiming her title as the true progressive/Democrat in the race.  

We all know about Gecker’s shady past with Kathleen Willey and their part in trying to impeach President Bill Clinton.  But Gecker’s statements that Ronald Reagan is his political hero, etc., and some other alleged shady ethics issues that are starting to percolate, may be causing his big problems with Democratic primary voters.  And we won’t even talk about the optics of Dan Gecker winning this seat while Hillary Clinton is running for president – terrible optics needless to say, but again we won’t talk about that. But imagine the field day the press and the GOP would have with it, especially if Gecker chose not to support Hillary Clinton for president, based on his inclination is the past not to support certain Dems.      

In the meantime, The Daily Press is reporting this morning that that former Del. Alex  McMurtrie, and current Democratic candidate for the senate district 10 seat, was appointed by former Gov. Bob McDonnell to a seat on Virginia Commonwealth University’s board.  The Daily Press also report that the year before, Alex McMurtrie paid for the governor and his family to attend a football game at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana.  According to the Daily press, McMurtrie’s generosity came to more than $12,000.00.  According to the Daily Press, McMurtrie also contributed $15.000.00 to McDonnell’s campaign as well.    


My goodness, Bob McDonnell certainly was living the life – Star Scientific’s chief executive Jonnie R. Williams Sr., letting McDonnell and his family use their beautiful million dollar vacation home in Smith Mountain Lake and McMurtrie paying the McDonnell’s families tab to attend a Notre Dame football game in Indiana.  

And who can forget the Feraari that McDonnell was loaned to use while on vacation.  I certainly didn’t but if you did, here is a picture of it sitting in front of the governors mansion:


What a beautiful car!  But let me get back on track here.      

McMurtrie ran as the Democratic nominee in 2007 for senate district 11 against Republican nominee Steve Martin, which was comprised mainly of Chesterfield County, McMurtrie’s home county.  But McMurtrie was walloped, receiving only 4,700 votes out of 24,400 cast, or a paltry 19% of the vote in his home county of Chesterfield.    Frankly, McMurtrie, if he were the nominee, in my opinion, would be unable to win this seat, forfeiting a seat the Dems have to win to control the state senate.  But realistically, he can’t win this primary – and frankly, who would want him to with his abysmal record of not only supporting, but giving big bucks to Republicans.  

So, the choice comes down to the governors candidate, Dan Gecker, with the suitcases of baggage he carries from Kathleen Willey and the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and his hero worshiping of Ronald Reagan and Reagan’s useless economic theory of trickle down economics, that all of us in the middle class are still paying for; or, the real progressive Democrat in the race, who will vote our Democratic values in office, rather than adopting positions and voting on them with a Republican perspective.

And clearly, Emily Francis is the only candidate who has the ability to pull out base Democratic voters in the City of Richmond, and if you want to win this seat, you have to have a big turnout in Richmond, because all the crazy, off their rocker Tea Party members in Powhatan and Chesterfield will turn out in droves for this seat.  McMurtrie and Gecker have positioned themselves throughout their careers in such a way that they will create little excitement on the Democratic side, turnout will suck, and Glenn Sturdevant will win the general election against either McMurtrie or Gecker.

If you want to win this seat, vote for Emily Francis in the Democratic primary in June.  

P.S.  Lowell, can you add the flyers Emily Francis mailed out so everyone can see them again?      

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