BREAKING: Senators Kaine, Warner Vote to Move Ahead on “Fast Track” Trade Authority


    A few minutes ago, the U.S. Senate voted to advance Trade Promotion Authority legislation (aka, “Fast Track”), which President Obama had lobbied hard for, on a 62-38 vote, with Senators Kaine and Warner both voting to proceed with the legislation. Thoughts?

    • sonofkenny

      I general I think free trade is a good thing. Less likely for countries to go to war when they are doing a lot of business together. I’m not bothered by the secrecy of the treaty particularly. How many times is the language of a treaty released to the public before it has been negotiated?

      I’m not as happy about Fast Track. I understand why the President wants it, but I don’t think it is necessary.

      In general Obama has earned my trust.

      So at this point I would say I am in a wait and see mode. I want to find out what they came up with and how labor and environmental protections are dealt with (among other things).

    • BlueDevil1215

      Our two Democratic Senators have failed us all in voting to advance TPA  on the sovereignty give-away known as TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.   TPP is a betrayal of the American people and the constitution.  TPP calls for “Investor-State Dispute Settlement,” which is nothing but allowing multinational corporations to bypass American law and American courts whenever they think US law impedes their profits.  Who in their right mind wants to give multinational corporations recourse to a foreign tribunal made of corporate attorneys, able to award damages any time US law threatens to cost these corps money?  If TPP passes containing ISDS, that is game over for American government.  No consumer protections that Barclays’ Bank doesn’t like, no environmental protections that offend Chinese chemicals companies, or Dow for that matter.  No labor protection, either. No matter what powers the US Constitution gives to federal or state governments.  

      This is not far-fetched worry.  ISDS a already exists in a South American trade at, and Ecuador and Bolivia have both been made to pay damages.

      I can’t believe this power-grab is even constitutional. Question is, isn’t it a violation of a Senator’s oath of office (to protect the constitution) to support Anything like ISDS?