Ken Cuccinelli Tortures Words “Liberty” and “Freedom,” Has No Clue He’s Doing So


    Ken Cuccinelli this morning introduced his “Liberty Now PAC.” In reality, of course, what Cuccinelli really stands for – a theocracy in which (his) church and state are one; a “Handmaid’s Tale”-style dystopia in which women, gays, and lots of others have no rights to control their own bodies, sex lives, reproductive decisions, etc.; in which the wealthiest and most powerful corporations leave the rest of us begging for crumbs; in which polluters run amok and climate scientists run from witch hunts – is the exact antithesis of “liberty” and “freedom.” But of course, Cooch thinks he’s doing the work for Saint Ronald Reagan. Yeah, the same Ronald Reagan who raised taxes multiple times, who grew government by leaps and bounds, who saw the deficit/debt go through the roof on his watch, who signed a mass “amnesty” into law, who got into huge battles with Israel, etc, etc. I know – all down the “memory hole,” but still…it’s exasperating.

    Dear Friend and Fellow Virginian,

    Ronald Reagan was right when he said that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”. It was true then and it’s true now. That’s why I created the Liberty Now PAC.

    As we look forward to the Virginia state elections this November, we are faced with an incredible opportunity and sobering responsibility. Right now, Republicans hold the Virginia State Senate – but only by a slim 21-19 majority. This is why Virginia’s 40 state senate races this year are especially crucial.

    Liberty Now will work to support individuals who will fight for our core conservative principles and shared values. Individuals that we can trust to defend freedom, promote Virginia’s economic growth, and support the families and small businesses that call the Commonwealth home.

    Will you visit our website at (

    and join with me in standing with candidates who support our shared first principles and free-market initiatives? You can also sign-up to receive my Cuccinelli Compass email updates and receive information on candidates and races across the Commonwealth.

    Together, we can help send principled representatives to Richmond this November by providing resources and support to conservative campaigns where it’s needed most. When you donate to Liberty Now, 100% of your contribution will go to support these candidates.

    Virginia has a rich history as the home to many great statesmen. We can continue that tradition by working to elect hard-working, principled men

    and women to the Virginia state legislature. Conservatives across the Commonwealth deserve to have their voice heard in Richmond.

    Visit **

    ( to get involved. Together we can take a stand for life, liberty, and the opportunity to pursue happiness… now.

    For liberty,

    Ken Cuccinelli, II


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