Mr. Obenshain, Denounce This Scandalous Lawsuit


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    Here is a press release I have just sent out to the major media in our District (Virginia Senate District # 26) as the latest public message in my challenge to Mark Obenshain.

    “I have said that Mark Obenshain has been serving Big Money – like Dominion Power, and the other big corporations behind the lobbying organization called ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) – rather than the citizens he’s been elected to represent. Mr. Obenshain has called my charges ‘baseless,’ without ever responding to the substance.

    I challenge Mr. Obenshain to demonstrate that he’s not the lackey of ALEC that his performance in the legislature suggests that he is, and to defend the values of our democracy that the evidence thus far suggests he’s prepared to trample.

    “I challenge him to denounce ALEC for the un-American suit that ALEC is threatening against the League of Conservation Voters-a group of American citizens that has been calling out ALEC for its efforts to block responsible government action against climate change.

    “Such a threat is a scandal. Since when, in America, do our corporate giants use their money and power to attempt to silence criticism by citizens of our country who are telling the truth on a vital issue? Since when is it OK for Big Money to bully Americans into not exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech?

    “So I challenge Mark Obenshain to condemn ALEC for this democracy-degrading act of intimidation. I challenge him to put some distance between himself and this Big Money organization whose bills he has previously helped get enacted by Virginia’s General Assembly.”

    (Here are links to two articles that provide more information about the lawsuit I’m describing.