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Guess Who’s on Board with Carly Fiorina for President…


That’s right, our old friend, incompetent right wingnut Jeff Frederick! For more on Frederick and his antics (including being fired as Chair of the Virginia GOP for utter incompetence, among other issues), see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. One thing Fiorina and Frederick have in common: both were booted out by their respective organizations (Hewlett-Packard for Fiorina; the RPV for Frederick). A match made in heaven! LOL

From: jeff@xxxx.xx

Sent: 6/16/2015 5:23:33 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Subj: Event this Saturday with Carly

Friend —

You know, in the unusual event that a good friend decides to run for President of the United States, it makes it easy to pick who you will support… even more so when your wife becomes the senior advisor to the candidate.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happened. Amy and I have been proud to call Carly and Frank Fiorina friends for some time now, and we are so thrilled that Carly is in the race for the White House. She is among the most accomplished women in our nation’s history after having led the largest technology company in the world; she is articulate and thoughtful on the issues and challenges facing our country; and she is a bold and principled leader.

If you haven’t heard Carly speak or gotten to meet her, now is your chance. And, even if you haven’t decided who to support or your first choice is another candidate, hopefully you can recognize how important it is to have Carly in this race.

This Saturday night (6/20), Carly is having a fundraiser in Stafford, Virginia, hosted by our old neighbor and longtime pal Steve Albertson. Amy (still at 60 Plus in addition to her role as one of Carly’s top advisors) and I both will be there and it’d be great to see you if you can make it…

Best wishes and hope to see you this Saturday.



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