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National and Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, June 28.

*As cultural ground shifts, Republicans face a choice

*Years of battles converged for gay marriage ruling

*Krugman: Europe’s Moment of Truth (“If you ask me, it has been an act of monstrous folly on the part of the creditor governments and institutions to push it to this point. But they have, and I can’t at all blame Tsipras for turning to the voters, instead of turning on them.”)

*Sick Of Waiting, Woman Takes Down South Carolina Confederate Flag Herself

*CNN Mistakes Dildo-Covered Flag at Pride Parade for ISIS Flag (Does anyone at CNN have a brain cell or an iota of journalistic skill/integrity?)

*Webb close to 2016 decision, insiders say Clinton camp helped delay launch

*Schapiro: In Sweet Briar College fight, getting to yes meant giving up sleep

*Warner: Making the on-demand economy work better for more people

*Virginia GOP goes with primary in 2016

*Va. GOP chooses primary for 2016 presidential choice; convention for governor in 2017

*Critics: Dominion Virginia jumping gun on coal ash cleanup

*Cities in Hampton Roads face monumental decisions (“Across the South, including in Virginia, governors called for the removal of Confederate flags. But some have asked: Is that enough? Should all the Confederate monuments also come down?”)

*Officials: UVa swimmer’s hazing allegations promptly reported to Charlottesville prosecutor

*Mayor Jones on Confederate statues: ‘Rather than tearing down, we should be building up’ (Silly; we can do both things — take down statues and “build up” African Americans, our cities, etc.)

*In Fairfax, police and firefighters meet for competition and camaraderie

*D.C. area forecast: Bright and comfortably warm through tomorrow; shower chances return Tuesday


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