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Virginia 2015 Primary Election Results: Live Blog


It’s 7 pm, and polls in Virginia are now closed. Which races are you watching? The Top 11 Virginia Primaries I’ll Be Following Most Closely on June 9 include Senate districts 10, 11, 12, 16 and 29; House districts 28, 45 and 79; the Mt. Vernon Supervisor’s race; the Arlington County Board race; and the Alexandria Mayoral primary. As usual, results will be available at VPAP and the State Board of Elections website (assuming they don’t crash, of course!).

UPDATE 9:08 pm: ‏@PotomacLocal reports, “@JeremyMcPike takes Va. 29th Senate district, beats opponents @michaelfutrell and @QarniForSenate.” Not going to pretend otherwise, this one stings.

UPDATE 8:57 pm: Congratulations to Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross on her reelection.

UPDATE 8:53 pm: With 40 of 48 precincts reporting in the 29th State Senate district, it’s Jeremy McPike 1,150-Atif Qarni 1,019-Michael Futrell 481. Not looking great right now for my friend Atif.

UPDATE 8:48 pm: With all precincts reporting in the 45th, the final results are Mark Levine 27.81%-Craig Fifer 24.34%-Julie Jakopic 23.29%-Clarence Tong 17.31%-Larry Altenburg 7.26%. So much for the power of endorsements, huh? Also, Del. @marcussimon tweets, “Congratulations @MarkLevineTalk – the Jewish Caucus in the Va HOD grows 50%.”

UPDATE 8:43 pm: With 28 of 48 precincts reporting in the 29th State Senate district Dem primary, it’s Jeremy McPike 862-Atif Qarni 818-Michael Futrell 315.

UPDATE 8:41 pm: @charliejackson1 tweets, “Great night 4 @maLiUNA @CASAenAccion @32BJ_SEIU @SEIUVA512 @UFCW400 who supported @kcristol @Arl_CDorsey @SteveHeretick @RosalynDance.” I agree, huge win for this coalition, which didn’t just donate money but also door knockers, phone bankers, etc. Invaluable!

UPDATE 8:40 pm: @amaxsmith tweets, “BULLETIN (AP) – Christopher Collins, GOP, nominated House of Delegates, District 29, #Virginia. (Defeats Del. Berg).” Good riddance to Berg, who I’ve been told by many people is a total rightwing nutjob.

UPDATE 8:30 pm: The top three finishers (and winners) for Charlottesville City Council are Wesley Bellamy, former LG candidate Mike Signer and Kathleen Galvin.

UPDATE 8:28 pm: With 28 of 28 precincts reporting in Alexandria, it’s Allison Silberberg 5,044-Bill Euille 4,732-Kerry Donley 3,660. Huge upset there!

UPDATE 8:27 pm: @MSchmidtRTD tweets, “BREAKING: Tea party favorite Amanda Chase ends Steve Martin’s 21-year run in #SD11.” Good riddance to a bigoted nutjob, although Chase is also a far-right Republican so not much improvement there. Blech.

UPDATE 8:26 pm: ‏@amaxsmith tweets, “BULLETIN (AP) – Mark Levine, Dem, nominated House of Delegates, District 45, #Virginia.” Congratulations to Mark, a great guy who will be a strong, progressive delegate!

UPDATE 8:24 pm: The final result in the 10th State Senate district Dem primary was Dan Gecker 46.5%-Emily Francis 34.3%-Alex McMurtrie 19.2%. Big win for Gov. McAuliffe, who strongly backed Gecker, in that one.

UPDATE 8:22 pm: With 19 of 24 precincts reporting in the 45th, Levine still leads, with 2,352 votes to 2,093 for Craig Fifer and 1,985 for Julie Jakopic. Wow.

UPDATE 8:16 pm: With 17 of 24 precincts reporting in the 45th, it’s now Levine 2,128-Fifer 1,952-Jakopic 1,838-Tong 1,334-Altenburg 614. Looking like Levine might win this, but Fifer and Jakopic still have a chance. Congratulations to Lashrecse Aird, the next delegate from the 63rd House district, who is winning by a wide margin.

UPDATE 8:15 pm: Congratulations to Paul Krizek, who is winning with over 68% of the vote in the 44th House of Delegates district Democratic primary. Paul’s going to make a superb delegate!

UPDATE 8:14 pm:  ‏@JulieCareyNBC tweets, “Smiles for #AlexandriaVA Dem Mayoral primary leader Allison Silberberg. 3 precincts still out.” And @amaxsmith tweets, “#Alexandria: Just one precinct (plus absentees) left: Silberberg 37.4%, Euille 35.9 %, Donley 26.7%. Less than 200 vote gap for D for Mayor.”

UPDATE 8:09 pm: Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) tweets ,”Ready to call other open Arlington nod to Christian Dorsey (D), who leads Peter Fallon (D) 3,582 to 3,334. Cristol (D) still 1st at 3,695.” Wow, not what I expected at all! Also, it’s looking like Siobhan Dunnavant will win the 12th Senate District GOP primary over Bill Janis.

UPDATE 8:07 pm: With 15 of 48 precincts reporting in the 29th State Senate District Dem primary, it’s neck and neck between Jeremy McPike (604) and Atif Qarni (587), with Michael Futrell trailing far behind (141).

UPDATE 8:06 pm: @AlexTimesNews tweets, “Two more precincts reporting, now 22/28 (78.57). Silberberg now leads by just eight votes over Euille – 0.09 percent.” Wow.

UPDATE 8:03 pm: Reporter Max Smith tweets, “#Alexandria Dem Mayor’s race coming down to single votes: Silberberg and Euille close at 36.5%, Donley 27%.”

UPDATE 8:01 pm: RTD reporter Andrew Cain tweets, “Challenger Steve Heretick unseats Del. Johnny Joannou, D-Portsmouth, in House District 79, AP reports.” Great news, good riddance to Joannou! 🙂 Much worse news: “Dan Gecker wins Democratic primary to run for seat of retiring Sen. John Watkins, R-Powhatan, AP says.” Also “Sen. Rosalyn Dance, D-Petersburg and Del. Betsy Carr, D-Richmond defeat primary challengers, per AP.”

UPDATE 8:00 pm: Dave Wasserman tweets, “Ready to call one of the two Arlington seats for newcomer Katie Cristol (D), in 1st place at 3,420. Dorsey in 2nd with 3,323. Fallon 3,185.”

UPDATE 7:57 pm: According to Ben “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett, with 2 precincts left to count in the Mt. Vernon district supervisor race, it looks like Dan Storck is going to win, as he leads 2448-2102 over Tim Sargeant.

UPDATE 7:53 pm: With 5 of 18 precincts reporting in the 79th HoD Dem primary, it’s real Democrat Steve Heretick over Tea Party-backed “Democrat” Johnny Joannou 343-124 votes. Still a ways to go in that one, but looking good so far!  Also, with 7 of 18 precincts reporting in the 44th HoD Dem primary, it’s Paul Krizek 71%-Justin Brown 29%.

UPDATE 7:48 pm: With 6 of 24 precincts reporting in the 45th House district Dem primary, it’s Levine 846-Fifer 747-Jakopic 727-Tong 509-Altenburg 270. Could Mark Levine win this thing, even though Fifer and Jakopic got almost all the endorsements? Stay tuned! Also, with 14 of 28 precincts reporting, Mayor Bill Euille (41%) had the edge over Allison Silberberg (33%) and Kerry Donley (26%).

UPDATE 7:45 pm: With 42 of 68 precincts reporting in the 10th Senate district Dem primary, it’s Gecker 3,592-Francis 2,494. Not looking good for Francis or her supporters (myself included). Sigh.

UPDATE 7:43 pm: Dave Wasserman tweets, “More Arlington reporting: Cristol (D) 2,646, Dorsey (D) 2,627, Fallon (D) 2,597, Schneider (D) 2,433. Wow, extremely close for 2 seats.”

UPDATE 7:42 pm: RTD reporter Markus Schmidt tweets, “BREAKING: Howell wins in #HD28; Brat-style challenge from Stimpson falls flat.” I’m not surprised at all. Also, “In #VA74, Bagby is on an early path to a landslide with 83/16 Young.” Not surprising either.

UPDATE 7:40 pm: Reporter Max Smith tweets, “BULLETIN (AP) _ Rosalyn Dance, Dem, nominated State Senate, District 16, Virginia.” Also, “Really close in #Arlington Dems for 2 County Board seats: Fallon 2369, Cristol 2368, Dorsey 2338, Schneider 2198,  Lander 1585, Wiljanen 414.” And “Penny Gross leads Swanson 862-414 in early going, Sargeant leads Storck 661-467 w/Bennett & Dobbyn trailing.” And “In Winchester/Front Royal and west: Del. Berg trails Collins 650-503 with 40% of precincts in.”

UPDATE 7:39 pm: Dave Wasserman tweets, “2/3 of Arlington in: Fallon (D) 2,369, Cristol (D) 2,368, Dorsey (D) 2,338. 31 votes separate 1st & 3rd. Schneider’s home precinct still out.”

UPDATE 7:27 pm: With 2 of 24 precincts reporting in the 45th HoD Dem primary, it’s Jakopic 321-Levine 318-Fifer 276-Tong 218-Altenburg 163. With 10 of 23 precincts reporting in the 28th HoD GOP primary, it’s House Speaker Bill Howell 2,295-Susan Stimpson 1,363. That one looks good for Howell.

UPDATE 7:18 pm: According to the Chesterfield County Registrar, with 19 of 24 10th Senate district precincts reporting, it’s Dan Gecker 2,096-Emily Francis 889-Alex McMurtrie 729. In the 11th Senate district Republican primary, it’s Amanda Chase 3,641-Steve Martin 2,823-Barry Moore 2,100 with 34 of 41 precincts reporting. In the 16th Senate district Democratic primary, it’s Rosalyn Dance 885-Joseph Preston 466 with 7 of 11 precincts reporting. And in the 63rd House district Democratic primary, it’s Lashrecse Aird 310-Larry Brown 160-Gerry Rawlinson 155-Atiba Muse 117.


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