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Susan Hippen Campaign: Virginia Delegate Ron Villanueva “Out of Step on Ethics Reform”


From the Susan Hippen for Virginia House of Delegates campaign:

Virginia Beach – Delegate Ron Villanueva recently signed onto an Amicus Brief in support of former Governor Bob McDonnell that stated that unless McDonnell’s convictions are overturned, “Virginia’s legislators may be forced to scale back constituent services and other socially beneficial efforts, such as encouraging business development in their districts.” [Amici, page 9]

This highlights how career politician Delegate Villanueva has become so out of touch with Virginia voters and why we need a fresh perspective in Richmond.” said candidate for Delegate Susan Hippen.

“The idea that state legislators will simply give up working to solve our broken transportation network or improve our children’s education unless they are allowed to keep receiving free gifts of fancy watches and expensive dinners is offensive and absurd.”

As stated by Quentin Kidd of CNU, “There is a very strong disconnection between what the Virginia public thinks is over the line and illegal and what the political class thinks is acceptable behavior on the part of public officials.”  That thinking has to stop before Richmond turns even more into Washington DC.

The full Amicus Brief can be found here: http://valawyersweekly.com/files/2015/03/Amicus-of-General-Assembly.pdf


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