Video: Rep. Gerry Connolly Skewers Joe LIEberman’s Idiocy on Iran Deal


    Just when you think that warmongering nincompoop Joe LIEberman has gone away…he’s baaaaack! This time,  he’s trashing the Iran agreement even before reading it or having any idea what he’s talking about. Anyway, good for Rep. Connolly for skewering LIEberman’s “mishegas.”

    Rep. Connolly: “I must say, Sen. Lieberman, I’m troubled by things you’ve said here today. You agreed with Congressman McCaul, you said you agreed with everything he said. One of the things he said was why engage with Iran at all? Do you think it was a mistake to engage with Iran at all?” (answer from LIEberman is a bunch of b.s.)

    Rep. Connolly, responding acidly to LIEberman trashing the Iran deal as “not a good one” for the U.S. and its allies, without even reading it: “Yes, I heard you say that. In fact, I heard you council us we should vote not. Seems awfully early to do that, but apparently you’ve made up your mind. (LIEberman says “I have”) Well I haven’t.”

    Rep. Connolly: “We can’t pretend that there’s a perfect alternative…You also said we could just go back to the P5+1 and say we just couldn’t sell it let’s start over again…Sen. Lieberman, I don’t know anybody who believes that that has any high probability of success. As a matter of fact, the exact opposite is likely to happen. If we disavow this agreement, P5+1 falls apart, and Iran races, not walks, to accelerate its nuclear development program and they’re not about to come back to the table…” (LIEberman’s answer — “well I don’t know”)

    Ugh, what an embarrassment that LIEberman used to represent the state I grew up in.

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