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Friday News: “This is supposed to be the age of reason, Donald Trump notwithstanding”


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, September 4. Also see the video of Rep. Don Beyer talking about climate science/facts, climate change denial, what to do about this crisis, and the many benefits of the Clean Power Plan. Also participating in the discussion were Del. Marcus Simon (D-Falls Church), Sarah Bucci of Environment Virginia and Jennifer Abel of the Virginia Cooperative Extension. With regard to science denial, Beyer had a great line: “This is supposed to be the age of reason, Donald Trump notwithstanding.”

*Booker, Warner, Heitkamp Announce Support for Iran Nuclear Deal (Excellent, thank you Senator Warner!)

*Trump’s party loyalty pledge ends one GOP problem, brings others

*Republican candidates bash China at our own peril (“The GOP’s breakdown of vision and discipline.”)

*Kim Davis is off to jail for refusing to do her job (How about firing her?)

*Donald Trump Mixes Up The Quds Force And The Kurds In A Radio Interview

*Joe Biden’s plausibly deniable campaign (“The vice president is testing himself and testing the waters, but still does not know if his family can take another run.”)

*The media’s baffling Bernie bias: How the Vermont senator is undermined at every turn (“Sanders continues to gain ground on the Democratic frontrunner, and still he’s treated like a fringe candidate”)

*Hell is 4 hours of “Morning Joe”: Why MSNBC just made a horrible & disappointing mistake (“MSNBC is in reinvention mode – so why is it giving a boost to its most insulting & predictable program?”)

*Report says Virginia ranks 30th in solar power (Embarrassing and disgraceful, thanks a lot Dominion – not!)

*Jim Webb wants help for ‘insurgent’ campaign (Translation of “insurgent”: short on cash.)

*Delegate Hugo joins Rubio’s Virginia campaign

*U.S. court moves ahead with plan to redraw Virginia congressional maps

*Candidate rolls out 2nd tv ad in race for Va.’s 29th State Senate seat (“Race between Republican Harry J. Parrish II and Democrat Jeremy McPike will be closely watched.”)

*Va. Democrats renew call for background checks for gun-show purchases

*DisgracefUL neglect of mentally ill in jail (“If this is what one mentally ill man endures at a jail that specializes in handling inmates with such problems, what fate do other inmates face? And what of the inmates in lesser equipped jails?”)

*Metro will seek a specialist to change management, workplace culture

*Editorial: Keep asking questions about parole

*Commonwealth’s attorney announces murder indictment of Portsmouth officer

*A rare laugher: Nationals hammer Braves, 15-1; gain ground on idle Mets (Good, although it still only counts as one win.)

*D.C. area forecast: Heat, humidity, and thundershowers of today take a few days off this weekend

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