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My Two Cents: Yet Another Reason to Vote


At some point “Worst Person in the World” this week, the oft’ married Kim Davis, will have to face the fact that there is no such thing as Biblical support for her hate. She is grabbing a straws, not faith. She will also have to accept that whether there is or isn’t Biblical support is of no consequence to the rest of Americans. Try as she might want to rewrite the Constitution, there is separation of state. She can believe what she wants. She can constitutionally attend church, pray, organize and speak out. But she cannot use her civil office as an instrument of enforcing her religion. Period.

But she is tied for worst person this week. Somewhere along the line she made the mistake of letting herself be used by perennial presidential candidate (as if) and hater, the so-called Rev. Mike Huckabee. He’s in a race to the bottom of the Republican candidate list, the ever growing laundry list of bigots in America, and a record as the biggest manipulator/user along the way to raising campaign cash.

Even were his or her religion relevant here, he has overreached, especially with his clown show at the Kentucky correctional center where Davis was temporarily held. The faux messianic rally, arms reaching for the sky, crosses flying in faux observation was perhaps for actual Christians the most blasphemous thing to happen this week. They pretend to channel Jesus, but actually channel hate groups. You know its bad when sorta “mainstream” (as mainstream as any of today’s GOP really can be) Republicans are urging Huck to knock it off, but the Huck(ster) will self-promote. Fellow Democrats, we must stand up more firmly than we have against such abuse, at election time and otherwise. Courts matter.

As an ally of people who are LGBT I am sick of the nasty abuse of human beings for cheap points. The religion they think they are promoting has a message of love. But neither Huck nor Ms Davis apparently knows a thing about that.

Meanwhile there are counties, state’s and a country to run. But here is the rub: We are actually lucky the courts have ruled in our favor on this matter. The Congress has refused nearly all of President Obama’s court appointments. Wonder how our court system is so stacked. Easy? The GOP confirms a slew under Republicans, but put on brakes during Democratic presidencies. In the tenure of this president, confirmations are at a record low with almost none confirmed. The level of obstruction is unprecedented.

At every level, we must remember that we must get fair representation in the court system. In any election year when you might be bored with your candidate selection, remember the courts! Otherwise, we will continue to have a broken so-called justice system, where the majority are used as fodder in another party’s judicial and political games. And that is material for an upcoming diary. Stay tuned.      


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