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Saturday News: More Extreme, Crazy Rhetoric from Republican 2016 Candidates


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, September 19. Also see President Obama’s weekly address, on the need for the Republican-controlled Congress to pass a responsible budget.

*Paul Krugman: GOP debate proves candidates are liars living in “world of fantasy and fiction” (“I’ve been going over what was said at Wednesday’s Republican debate, and I’m terrified. You should be, too. After all, given the vagaries of elections, there’s a pretty good chance that one of these people will end up in the White House.” Agreed.)

*White House denounces Trump and his followers (Good, but denunciations need to be coming from Republicans, not Democrats. And the media, of course, needs to start doing its job, which it manifestly is NOT doing with regard to the 2016 Republican presidential candidates.)

*The GOP candidates need a remedial course in constitutional law

*This New Study Shows How The Media Makes People Climate Change Cynics — And What They Can Do Differently (The media has utterly underreported AND misreported the story of climate chaos, the greatest threat to humanity and every other species on the planet by far.)

*Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

*Trump drops out of Heritage event after birther backlash

*Asked About Ferguson, Scott Walker Says Police Are Always Right (Mark Obenshain’s pal Scott Walker continues to be an imbecile.)

*Carson to Congress: Call Obama’s bluff on Planned Parenthood (This guy might be a great neurosurgeon, but in every other way he’s wildly off base.)

*Police Brutally Assault Teenage Boy For Jaywalking (For instance, regarding that previous item, police most certainly were NOT right in this case. To the contrary, the ones who did this deserve to be fired and even prosecuted. Utterly disgusting, appalling, etc.)

*U.S. Begins Military Talks With Russia on Syrian Crisis

*There Is New Evidence That Football Destroys Brains-and It’s Terrifying (I’m amazed any parent lets their son play football. Also, K-12 schools and colleges should be seriously worried about liability lawsuits…)

*House Republicans Vote to Stop Funding Planned Parenthood (That includes Barbara Comstock, by the way…)

*Fox Host Attacks Obama For Supporting The Teenager Who Brought A Clock To School (Predictably nasty and stupid.)

*Libertarian state Senate candidate threatens campaign manager’s ex-wife (Carl Loser “sent an email to his campaign manager’s estranged ex-wife, threatening the loss of her home and custody of her daughter if she went public about a child support issue with the campaign manager.”)

*Virginia’s jobless rate falls to 4.5 percent in August – lowest since 2008

*Pipeline files formal application for federal review

*McAuliffe proposes ‘comprehensive redrawing’ of congressional map

*NAACP president urges discussion of rebel flag in Christiansburg

*McAuliffe administration refuses to release records on Senate candidate Gary McCollum (“Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s administration Friday refused to release the application forms of state Senate candidate Gary McCollum for two state boards.”)

*Al Sharpton: Norfolk State and other black colleges must be preserved

*Mauling, escapes and abuse: 6 small zoos, 80 sick or dead animals (Why do we allow any of this crap?)

*Arlington board to vote Saturday on plan to add more affordable housing (This plan is extremely modest and unambitious, barely makes a dent in the problems – “affordable housing” AND “housing affordability” – in Arlington. Meh.)

*D.C. area forecast: One more warm day, then headed cooler and maybe eventually wetter

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