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Thursday News: “Birtherism Goes Mainstream” in GOP; “JEB” Bush’s No-Good, Horrible Tax Plan


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, August 10.

*Birtherism goes mainstream: Donald Trump, Barack Obama and the radicalization of the GOP (“Once confined to the fringe, the birther movement has swept the Republican Party. Where is the media coverage?” The media? Do its job? Puh-leeze.)

*Ted Cruz flounders in Trump’s shadow

*Bush’s tax plan would add trillions to deficit (While cutting taxes for the wealty. Great plan, huh?)

*Why Is Politico Reporting On Climate Change Like There’s Still A Debate? (“Will Politico ever inform their readers there’s a big difference between those leaders who say climate change is caused by humans and those who deny it? Memo to Politico: The latter group are as scientifically wrong as those who used to say cigarette smoking isn’t harmful.”)

*GOP’s populist revolt lands at Capitol, snarls Iran debate (The fascist wing comes to D.C. and spews its anger, ignorance and lunacy.)

*Ben Carson’s theocratic lie: The pernicious myth of America the “Christian nation” (And now for the theocracy/American Taliban wing of the Republican Party…)

*House GOP to postpone vote on Iran after member revolt (The usual craziness from the usual crazies.)

*Clinton breaks from Obama with tougher foreign policy view

*Power utilities are built for the 20th century. That’s why they’re flailing in the 21st. (And that’s why Dominion Power needs to be completely restructured, broken up, etc. More on this later…)

*Andy Kohut, a rare Washington figure (Rest in peace.)

*New Species in Human Lineage Is Found in a South African Cave (Yet again, science makes a mockery of the Biblical literalists, Creationists, etc.)

*America’s Jewish establishment is out of touch with U.S. Jews (Especially younger ones.)

*Trump mocks Fiorina’s physical appearance: ‘Look at that face!’ (Appalling misogyny…in other words, perfect for the angry white male base of the Republican Party.)

*Editorial: Better policy ahead for redistricting? (“When the legal skirmishes end, let’s hope the result is that we’ve seen the last of the politicians selecting the voters rather the voters selecting the politicians.”)

*Attorneys: Dominion owes customers a refund

*Clinton should not have used private email account, McAuliffe says (“Supporter agrees with former secretary of state that it was a mistake”)

*Scott Walker names 3 delegates as Virginia co-chairs (Some real winners here…not.)

*Dominion to offer community solar, minus the community and the solar (Hahahaha.)

*Tim Kaine tries again on gun control

*Prosecutors: Maureen McDonnell was a ‘full player’ in corruption case

*Va. Republicans urge McAuliffe to release report on bloody UVA arrest

*Editorial: Cleaning up City Hall

*Gun rights group argues Valley Metro can’t restrict guns

*Colleges, universities in Va., Hampton Roads see strong rankings

*Mets make it a sweep, adding one more chapter of pain for Nats

*D.C. area forecast: Showers douse the landscape today with another shot at rain Saturday (“Today’s opportunity for showers is as good as any in quite some time and badly needed as many trees and lawns need a soaking.”)


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