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Thursday News: “The GOP’s Problem is Not Donald Trump…It’s Their Voters”


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, September 3. Also, check out the video of President Obama speaking in Alaska about climate change and energy policy.

*The GOP’s Problem Is Not Donald Trump (“It’s their voters.” Bingo.)

*The Iran deal just got the votes it needs, in a huge victory for Obama (Excellent.)

*The pushback against unfair labor practices (“No effort to reduce our towering levels of inequality can succeed unless workers can amass more power. On this Labor Day, they appear to be finding ways to do just that.”)

*America has to do more to prevent gun violence

*Donald Trump isn’t rich because he’s a great investor. He’s rich because his dad was rich.

*Has the Republican Establishment Created a Monster? (“They wrote big checks to Jeb Bush before they knew what type of candidate he would be. Now he may become the spoiler they fear.”)

*Donald Trump Still Leads in Iowa-but That’s Not What Should Have the GOP Worried

*Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: This is the difference between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders (“Watch how they conduct their campaigns.”)

*California passes bill forcing biggest pension funds to divest from coal (Looong past time for Virginia and every other state to do the same!)

*O’Reilly Asks Expert If Black Lives Matter Is To Blame For Police Murders. Then Things Got Awkward. (You mean O’LIElly? Oh yeah, that guy…heh.)

*Our view: How Roush stays on (“What would Republicans want in return? What would Democrats be willing to give up? Can the state get by from September until January with a question mark hanging over the Supreme Court as to whether one of its justices is lawfully appointed? Dum-de-dum-dum-dum . . . Stay tuned!”)

*Virginia could see a 41-year low in jobless benefit claims

*Va. attorney general to seek reelection, won’t run for governor in 2017

*Fairfax candidate slammed for focusing on salary of opponent’s spouse (“Republican board of supervisors hopeful says that he, unlike his opponent, must earn enough at work to pay the bills.” Lovely.)

*Editorial: Herring puts ambitions on hold (“Mark Herring has done what Ken Cuccinelli should have done.”)

*Easy math on beach light rail (“THE EQUATION doesn’t even require algebra. 4 light rail cars + $3.2 million in savings + no risk = a no-brainer. Under a proposal presented Tuesday to the Virginia Beach City Council, the Beach would benefit from a generous offer from the state – and piggyback on a rail-car order in Minneapolis – to get $20.4 million worth of light rail cars for $17.2 million.”)

*Va. lawmakers seek to expand background checks to include gun shows

*Ailing prisoner died in filth, family says (Inexcusable on so many levels…)

*Casey: Hate-crime in Raleigh Court remains unsolved (“A woman’s 2014 Ford Escape was torched, and the N-word was spray painted on the passenger side. The crime remains unsolved, and the victim has moved out.”)

*Mistreatment of animals continues at Natural Bridge Zoo, critics say (Why is this place still open?)

*R**skins GM’s wife apologizes for disparaging sexual favors remarks to ESPN anchor (Is there anything good about this franchise?)

*Nationals finally close one out as Papelbon shuts door in St. Louis (Mazel tov.)

*D.C. area forecast: Heat and humidity reign today but are overthrown by the weekend

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