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Tuesday News: “Donald Trump is brilliant revenge;” Ryan McElveen Welcomes Students Back to School


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, September 8.

*Donald Trump is brilliant revenge: The GOP’s demise looks a lot like this (“The right used angry blue-collar voters and just made the rich richer. Supporting Trump settles the score”)

*Migrant crisis: Germany ‘can take 500,000 asylum-seekers a year’ (How about the U.S.?)

*Obama has plenty of reasons to smile (“Attention has been focused on who becomes our next president, but meanwhile the incumbent is on quite a roll.” Too bad Obama can’t run for a third term, he’d win in a landslide.)

*Kim Davis is no Rosa Parks (That comparison is beyond laughable, truly offensive.)

*Boehner’s future as speaker in doubt (“The Republican leader faces a grueling next few months, and even allies believe this will be his last term atop the GOP conference.”)

*Hillary Clinton to Show More Humor and Heart, Aides Say

*Dick Cheney’s despicable alternate history just got even worse (A truly evil man.)

*GOP to attack climate pact at home and abroad (“An aide to Mitch McConnell has been informing foreign embassies about GOP plans to oppose Obama’s strategy on global warming.” Speaking of evil; Republicans fight to destroy our planet.)

*Kaine to introduce gun bill to ensure buyer meets federal standards

*Gov. McAuliffe Continues Fight to Re-appoint Justice Roush

*Our view: Why the Edwards-Dye-Caldwell race may be closer than you think (“Advisory: Our Democratic readers may want to have their blood-pressure medicine handy before they read further.”)

*Va. lawmakers expect uphill fight over bolstering defense budget

*Should Virginia Impose Sanctions on Iran? (This is a bad joke, right?)

*New school year brings more change, anxiety in Norfolk

*Many join in Rep. Bobby Scott’s Labor Day celebration

*Loudoun incumbents lead in campaign financing

*Virginia House candidates speak at Buena Vista LaborFest

*Supervisors vote to contribute $50,000 to second Civil War memorial in Leeburg

*Alexandria paramedics fighting chief’s plan to cross-train them as firefighters

*No one is more puzzled by Max Scherzer’s collapse than Max Scherzer (Unfortunately, it’s killing the team, along with the middle-inning relief pitchers.)

*D.C. area forecast: 90s return before a stormy Thursday, cooler weekend


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