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Tuesday News: Fiorina’s “brazen demagoguery;” Gillespie vs. Snyder for VA Governor in 2017?


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, September 29. As for the clip of Trevor Noah’s kickoff as host of The Daily Show, pretty good so far, great line comparing right wingers who think Boehner isn’t conservative enough to “crack telling meth that it’s not addictive enough.” LOL

*Donald Trump’s tax plan is all talk (“His tax plan, far from being a courageous departure from Republican orthodoxy, relies on many familiar Republican tricks to justify massive tax cuts in an age in which the government’s burdens are increasing, not shrinking – and with even less than usual honest arithmetic.” Pathetic as always from sideshow freak Donald Trump.)

*Obama and Putin outline competing visions on Syria

*Carly Fiorina is more dangerous than Donald Trump: Her brazen demagoguery puts his to shame (“The surging contender’s breathtaking facility with lying makes Trump look like an amateur”)

*Carly Fiorina’s ultraconservative rage (“How angry is Carly Fiorina? So angry she can’t see straight. That’s the only explanation for the yawning gulf between what she says and the plainly visible facts.” There’s definitely something mentally wrong with Fiorina, no doubt about that.)

*Jeb Bush, as dumb as his idiot brother: His latest nonsense should have you running scared

*For Rep. McCarthy, the likely new House speaker, words still fail him

*The Benghazi panel is a scandal of a committee (This whole crazed right-wing witch hunt is the real scandal.)

*Donald Trump is the glib hero the right has been waiting for: What his “60 Minutes” interview revealed about his terrifying appeal

*Afghan Forces Seek to Regain Kunduz, Major Northern City, From Taliban

*The Blackmail Caucus, a.k.a. the Republican Party (“…don’t cry for (or with) Mr. Boehner; cry for America, which must find a way to live with a G.O.P. gone mad.”)

*Mars Shows Signs of Having Flowing Water, Possible Niches for Life, NASA Says (Maybe Trump, Carson, Fiorina et al might consider running for President of Mars instead of the USA? LOL)

*Obama and Putin: That was awkward (“Frosty exchanges mark their first formal sitdown in more than two years.”)

*Obenshain won’t run for governor in 2017 (Too bad, was really looking forward to it! LOL)

*Snyder Readies His Run…For Virginia Governor (What a pathetic joke.)

*Virginia Republicans Expect Ed Gillespie to Run for Governor

*New Virginia Ethics Council gets underway (Toothless.)

*Va. Black Caucus calls Frank Wagner comments divisive (“Wagner said his district runs ‘from very, very high income right on down to, you know, up to and including rent-assisted places and that type of thing,’ the Post reported. ‘So it’s a very diverse district. I wish sometimes I represented this half, but I’m very, very happy to represent the folks I have.'”)

*McAuliffe declines to issue stay for convicted Fairfax killer Alfredo Prieto

*Metro riders caught in slowdown look for options

*Nancy Dye says she’s against Mountain Valley Pipeline

*Housing, parks, tax questions await Arlington County Board candidates

*Fairfax County Police Say Use of Taser Was Appropriate During Rose Hill Stop

*Why wealthy Loudoun County does not have universal full-day kindergarten

*We like living in Hampton Roads, ODU survey finds

*On Va. island where wild ponies roam, government wants changes that worry residents

*Changes are coming to the Nationals after disappointing season, brawl

*Atlantic depression could become Tropical Storm Joaquin and threaten Mid-Atlantic and/or Northeast by the weekend

*D.C. area forecast: Chance of showers through the week, turning cooler by Thursday

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