Weird Email from James Carville: “Pulling My Hair Out”; “Democrat majority”; “GOP garbage”


    I’ve been immediately deleting the deluge of stupid/annoying/obnoxious fundraising emails coming into my inbox the past few days, but somebody just pointed this one out to me and it was just too “good” (and by “good” I mean laughably “bad” – lol) not to share. First off, was “pulling my hair out” meant ironically, like on purpose? Because, as the photo of James Carville demonstrates, it’s been a loooong time since he might have had any hair to pull out of his bald-as-a-billiard-ball head. Heh. Second, I know these fundraising emails use strong language and all, but “we have to do something about the GOP garbage still hanging around the Virginia State Senate? Wow. Finally, what’s with the right-wing-style/butchered-English-language use of “Democrat” as an adjective, as in “Democrat majority,” instead of “DemocratIC majority?” Just weird all the way around.

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